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…..You think that we deviated our attention with the document on panic attacks and immigration. We were trying to get you to see what is happening in this country, why in this country people are less clear and more panicky. Do you not see how a Miasm is being created by the fear your government is instilling in people? Do you see how people would feel more panicky when they shares spaces with immigrants who do not know if they are going to land in jail in the next 15 minutes?


`Frances: So we are going to be invaded on the 21st?

We are already in that process. The mutilated dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico are an indicator of the level of unnecessary violence we will experience.

A channel of light has opened that connects to the left shoulder in the human energy system. That channel of light is connected to the Pleiades, from the back of the mouth to the left shoulder; the channel curves…and plucks people away from harm.