Purify Your Home of His/Her Energy

Relationship Blocked By A Spirit?

September 08,

Diagnosing the Other Dimensions Of A Home

I was asked to diagnose and help purify a home. The owner, a female in the middle of a divorce, had finally gotten her husband to move out. She wanted all traces of her soon to be ex-husband cleared from her home. She knew she could not start a new life easily unless she removed the energetic debris humans tend to leave behind.

There had been a lot of arguing and mistrust during the marriage. She was an Aries and he was a Capricorn. They were not real compatible in astrological characteristics, but the main issue was cultural. He was from India and she was from Middle America. They could not see eye to eye on anything.

Energetic Ties That Bind

The wife is wise enough to know that the physical aspects of being married to him are over and that the energetic links will continue for a while. She wanted to make sure her space was her space, and that he left nothing behind energetically. She knew that would block her from a new life and a new relationship

I did the usual. I toured the house and found what I expected: depression in the master bedroom, anger in the kitchen, and rage in the financial area, which was an unused bedroom. I did not find any spirits.  I knew that did not mean there were no spirits. Spirits are very savvy about hiding. The fact that I did not notice any did not mean there were none. The clearing would take care of most of them, so I was not worried.

I started the clearing process, informing the wife that it would take several days of purification which she needed to continue.

I used a flower essence spray, the Aura Purification Spray which purifies the other dimensions of anger, depression and any spirits. I sprayed the four corners of all the rooms, all the closets, all the beds and anything that was square, such as the dining room table and two desks. I used the Coconut Spray in the center of all the rooms, the center of all the closets, and anything that was round, such as their cocktail table.

The Spirit Evolution  Spray would clear all the congested negative emotions and the Coconut Spray would add a positive and much needed happy vibration to the home.

I put the Tibetan Sacred Temple Music CD on in the master bedroom which was the “heaviest” room.  I left it on, to repeat endlessly, to ensure that the energy moved and cleared. I instructed the woman to move the CD player from room to room, to continue the healing process in the next several days.

I knew the divorcee, so I chatted with her for a while, at least an hour. Every few minutes I would go back to the bedroom and spray the room while I did the mantra “Please God help me with my intention to heal this house.” And then I would go back to the woman and continue the conversation.

Changing The Vibration Of the Room

What happened next was interesting. We were interrupted by a spirit that literally ran out of the master bedroom, as if chased by a “ghost”! I laughed as he was the “ghost”! I knew he was chased out by the new vibration of the bedroom. That vibration, lacking the negative emotions together with the energy of fun, was incompatible with his energy.

The spirit collapsed in the hallway. I continued with the clearing, also spraying him. It was fascinating to look at him. He was at least 6 feet tall, but the actual spirit was only about 5 feet 7 inches tall. What am I saying? That a spirit that was 5 ft. 7 inches had a body that was over 6 feet because of the negative astral particles of depression that were enshrouding him. He was encrusted with bad energy. That energy began to clear as I sprayed the sprays. I moved the CD closer and watched the transformation.

The History Of The Spirit

I was curious. I wanted to know about the origins of this spirit, who he was and why he was here. You probably don’t know that while we are alive, we have spirit bodies. When we die, our physical body dies, and the spirit body remains a spirit. Some people then call that part of us a ghost.

This particular spirit was a fragment of the spirit body of the still alive ex husband! As a Capricorn, he was still fighting hard to keep the marriage. A part of him was still attached to his ex wife and very depressed at the failure of the marriage. His mental obsession with his ex wife is what created the issue of his energetic attachment to her. It is no wonder the woman wanted her space cleared. Instinctively, she wanted him “off her back”. And the clearing accomplished the mission.

Ultimately, a dear friend came to join us in the purification process. I told her about the spirit and she literally stood on top of him and said a Buddhist mantra. His spirit changed to white and lifted off of the floor. He was gone and the home was now clear of his presence. The wife can now move forward with the failed marriage and the possessive husband off her back and out of her bedroom.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that this attached spirit had the ability to block her from a new relationship and a new life. Spirits have intention too, and their intentions can block our intentions.