2013 Galactic Horoscopes

Your Galactic Horoscope for 2013

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The Mayan Calendar has ended and a new cycle begins. An important component of this new cycle is our discovery of our Galactic selves. Your Galactic self, your core has a quality of energy that has not been able to manifest in your daily life till now. But with the veils that have lifted, the boundaries that have been broken, one good aspect of this new era is that you will have access to “you”, your core consciousness.

What is the quality of your consciousness?

Most humans have a quality of consciousness related to these animals or concepts:

  • Dolphin
  • Whale
  • Eagle
  • Angel
  • Cyborg

Your inner consciousness may be that of a dolphin, a whale, an angel an eagle or a cyborg. Choose which energies resonate for you and intend to live those energies on a minute-to-minute basis throughout your day. We recommend the Kundalini Mental Yoga in Spanish  in English at  daily to reinforce your alignment with your core. We recommend this mantra repeated silently 50 times a day. Use the symbol or animal that feels right:

Please God help me with my intention to flow with my dolphins spirit.

PS. 50% of humans are Dolphin consciousness. If you want to align more quickly with those energies please read the conversations between Frances and the Dolphins in the book the Gods Speak on Amazon or on the website at


It is time to step up to your destiny, Release all desires to succeed and to be “at the head of the class”. Your destiny will place you exactly where you need to be to be successful at what you choose as your mission. Let go of expectations and you will be pleased.


It is time you recognize your greatness and how much you have done for others. Now it is time to do for you. Your relationship with the Planet Venus is very important as you anchor on Planet Earth the energies the Mayans built an entire calendar on. If you allow your self-esteem issues to be resolved quickly, you will be at the head of the pack in terms of helping lead this civilization to the Golden Age.


Take steps to finish resolving basic life issues such as income and where to live. But don’t stay stuck in that mode as you have important things to do. Your agile mind is an asset at this time and the Planet needs your ideas and new ways of thinking. The old world is basically “dead”, therefore a new world can be created. For that to happen successfully, new and innovative ideas need to come forth and it is your destiny to help that process on Planet Earth.


Your karma has completed, your lifetimes have brought you here to this point in the history of Planet Earth. It is time now to let go of your emotional blocks and reach out to help others resolve their emotional issues so that they can align with their destiny and not hold back the evolution of the Planet.


Watch it all unfold exactly as it should. Do not interfere with the process of others who need to fall flat on their faces in order to wake up. But do be there for them when they resolve that they need to change. In other words, don’t jump in the water to save anyone but do extend a hand to pull them out. It is that simple.


You have finished with the knots that have tied you up so badly you have not been able to think straight for 2 years. Now it is time to assess what needs to be thrown out of your life and what can stay. Don’t be surprised at your choices, as you can tolerate injustices no longer. You will be a shining light for others to make drastic changes in their lives by showing that simplicity is more important for happiness than grandeur.


If you are not happy it is because you are not aware of your greatness. You think you are manipulative, secretive and vindictive, and that is true in terms of your personality. But…your core, and your intentions have always been to set others up on their path to greatness. Yours is a sign that has always been misunderstood but make sure you do know who you are and why you do what you do and keep on doing it.


Planet Earth aligned with the constellation of Sagittarius atthe ending of the Mayan calendar. It did so as to gain an abundance of the energies of Sagittarius, which is sorely needed at this time of transition prior to the Golden Age. Do not doubt for a minute that everything you have done has been for the highest good, even if it does not appear so to others.

You need to have quiet times in which you can “download” information from your Planet and anchor it to help this transition. You do not need to be aware of that “downloading” but if you want to be, then sit with your back to a tree and repeat this mantra:

Please God help me with my intention to be aware of my cosmic forces.


You think you know it all and then you doubt yourself. Stand firm on what you know is true and do not allow others with less foresight to change your mind. It is time you let go of the energy of hierarchy but that does not mean you ditch your ability to see into the future.

Everyone is created equal. 2012 starts with a community of souls facing changes that are unprecedented in human history. You can help your community deal with these changes but you do need to let go of your need to lead and to control and allow others to follow your path. It is important that you understand the difference between influencing people and controlling people in order to help people.


You hesitated when you had to choose whether to enter this incarnation and you still hesitate in opening yourself to the way we live on Planet Earth. But you did choose to help in these transition years prior to the Golden Age.

Your mind is able to grasp the concepts of galactic community while others will be reeling. Accept that you too are human and are part of the drama, not above it and you will be a shinning star in the next few months that may be chaotic and require a sturdy, open mind.


The world we are entering in 2013 will be more in tune with who you are than you can imagine. Let go of the past and its issues; find your soul and it deep desire that all humans be freed from tyranny and abuse and you will flower in these times. You do not need to drown in the human misery that you will see around; you just need to set your firm intention that humans finally find their way out of this pattern of victimization.