Dolphin Prophecies 1996

The breakdown of society would tremendously benefit the evolution of mankind because man would have to turn to himself for survival and in turning to himself he would find himself to be very powerful. He would also find himself closer to the source of what many of you in physicality call God.
There are so many truths in the universe and in physicality and yet one only needs to look within to find all of them. No one individual or group has the ability to know the truth better than any other group. It is in the searching that these truths are found and they are to be found everywhere.

12-21-2012 Aligning with a Super Massive Black Hole, The Dark Rift, A Channel of Darkness

`Frances: So we are going to be invaded on the 21st?
We are already in that process. The mutilated dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico are an indicator of the level of unnecessary violence we will experience.
A channel of light has opened that connects to the left shoulder in the human energy system. That channel of light is connected to the Pleiades, from the back of the mouth to the left shoulder; the channel curves…and plucks people away from harm.

Six Steps to Protect You From the Violence That Entered the Last Day of the Mayan Calendar

We end the Mayan Calendar on the 21st and begin a new cycle on the 22nd. It was foretold it would be difficult. Planet Earth is now aligned with the Galactic Tree of Life, which is showering us with light but also with the Dark Rift a super massive black hole at the base of the Tree, which is pouring evil unto us.
These are recommendations on how to align with the incredible level of light entering the Planet and how to avoid or purify the incredible level of evil being poured onto us.


Este es el lanzamiento del video “2012 y el calendario maya” de Frances fox que nos ayuda a entender “El Bogotazo” como un Acto Sagrado y su relación con el fin del calendario Maya, además explica el porqué del aumento en la violencia, y como actos políticos y personales de horrores tienen una explicación metafísica. Necesitamos tener conocimiento de este tipo de información para poder tener más comprensión de lo que fuerzas externas a nosotros están haciendo con la humanidad.