Year: 2012

The Harmful Effects of Cell Towers and Cell Phones

A German study by a team of local medical doctors with data from over 10 years, discovered a threefold increase in new malignancies in people living up to 400 meters from a tower after five years exposure when compared to people living further away in the same town. (The Naila Study 2004). A report in 2006 by the head of The Cancer Registry in Berlin, Roland Stabenow, informed the residents that there is an increase of sevenfold in breast cancer in their area with cellular towers. A small study by General Practitioners at the Kaplan Medical Centre, Israel, discovered a fourfold increase in cancer within 350 meters after long term exposure to a cell tower and a ten fold increase specifically in women (Journal of Cancer Prevention 1-2, April 2004). On a positive note, the Athens Appeals Court ruled in 2006, that ten cell towers were ordered for removal, considered to pose a threat to public health.

The Bloob: Ozzing from the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Site

Venezuelans call the goo La Mancha Negra – the black stain – but it’s really more like a blob, a thick black sludge with the consistency of chewing gum. No one knows what it is. No one knows where it comes from. No one knows how to get rid of it.
Some say it’s oil oozing from poorly made asphalt. Others say it’s oil falling from overworked car engines. It could be burned rubber from frayed tires. Some people think it’s all of the above.

Real influences from the Dark Rift on 12-21-2012?

If the phase of the Moon can affect ocean tides, and even cause a bulge in the Earth’s crust”, imagine what our alignment with a super massive black hole could do to our Planet and our emotions? If the movement of a planet as small as the moon can cause more suicides, murders, babies being born, incredible PMS and emotional violence, what can happen as a result of the alignment on December 21st, 2012 that is so severe that the Mayans decided to end a calendar and start a new one? Below are some of the effects of the moon on our life on Planet Earth:

Another cell phone "issue"?… sperm concentration fell more than 32 percent in France….

French scientists are warning that men’s sperm counts are plummeting at record rates.
A study of nearly 27,000 French men found the average sperm concentration fell more than 32 percent over the 17-year study period between 1989 and 2005. That’s almost 2 percent each year.
While the study only looked at French men, the research supports other studies that showed sperm counts were falling worldwide, potentially raising risk for fertility problems in couples.

Use Frances Fox Mental Yoga to Create Your Reality

What blocks you from mastering of your life? What can help you to achieve your intentions so that you end up exactly where you want? What is the role of your mind in this process we call creation? How do you keep a state of mind that ensures you are living as you intend? Today it is hard to imagine you can beat the overwhelming odds that appear to face you, yet great men throughout history have taught that your mind create reality.