ADD, ADHD may be electrofog due to electroaddiction

A new addiction may be the cause of your child’s ADD, ADHD and anxiety

Many children today are disassociated, ADD and ADHD. In terms of energy, that means they are more mental than physical. In more simple terms it means they spend too much of their time/consciousness on the mental dimension rather than the physical. They don’t fully inhabit their physical body. The terms ADD and ADHD are the labels that the medical profession uses to describe a series of a lack of balance between the mental and the physical.
Society today is electroaddicted: it uses electromagnetic radiation to sooth nerves and anxiety. Those same radiations from cell phones, wireless routers, cordless phones, Blackberries, etc. can contribute to mental issues that become identified as ADD, ADHD.

Nature Ground Kids (the opposite of them jumping around)

Being in nature is very grounding for them. Spending a lot of times outdoors, in physical activities, not on computers or in front a TV, helps to balance their energies. And then they become easier to live with, to work with.
Mother Earth is a natural source of magnet energies. But at times it is difficult for the child to spend enough time outdoors. So they become irritable, disassociated. I often recommend the use of magnets. There are magnetic insoles that help “ground” these children. A Japanese company called Nikken makes a blanket with magnets that is very helpful for stabilizing the child’s energies. It is very soothing, even for nervous, disassociated adults. Link page for products

Spiritual Practices

Spiritual practices such as meditation, toning, prayer, contact with nature and animals, learning how to heal mentally, help these children to be in contact with their spiritual side. They are not just bright, they are also spiritually evolved. And a lot of these practices help them to learn to control their own minds and augment their ability to focus. Learning to control their focus is a critical component in helping these children to function well within their school and society.

Electronic damage to the aura of your child

The graphic of the stick figure child with all the black energy is typical of the aura of a child who spends too much time with hand held devices that radiate microwave because they are wireless. All wireless devices are microwave driven….we are treating our children as a piece of meat we put in a microwave…and then we wonder why they cannot sit still or have “issues”. One of the worst offenders is your wireless router in your home that very conveniently gives you connectivity without wires. You and your children are being radiated 24/7 because your wireless router is never, ever turned off! And you should see what that wireless router is doing to the protective energetic structure of your home!
We recommend using the Electronic Protection Spray to protect and repair your chlds’ aura. It works!
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