Horoscopes June 5, 2017 Aliens Revealed


June 5-11, 2017

From Victim to Master

Revelations about ET’s

 This is another week in which the world will appear to be upside down in its process of aligning with truth. Pay attention to what is right and what goes wrong in the week, as it progresses. Formulate your mantras to address what is not working and congratulate yourself on what is working.

From Victim to Master

If you have been following our weekly horoscopes you should have had the information necessary to understand the chaos that has enveloped the planet and our personal lives. We intended to share tools that could work to shift you from being a victim of chaotic circumstances to being a master of your life in the middle of a destruction of a paradigm and the unfolding of a new paradigm. Now we are suggesting a shift in your attitude will help lubricate the months ahead.


The big news this week is that the war that has been unfolding in the other dimensions and includes different types of ET’s, will now be more obvious on the physical dimension. Last week you will have seen what appears to be a not so subtle movement towards revealing what governments and individuals have known for decades: aliens exist, have come to planet earth and some say they live openly amongst us.

Just as the ET’s are fighting in other dimensions around Planet Earth, they will now start to fight on the physical dimension on Planet Earth. Each piece of news you hear that sounds weird or confusing, ask yourself if it is possible it is ET’s waging war against each other or against you. If you are willing to ask that question you will have moved even deeper into your mastery of your life on Planet Earth at a time when being a victim will severely handicap you.

Mantra to help accept the reality of ET’s

We suggest this mantra to help you through the next several months of chaos, hoping you have accepted that you do not have to be victimized by the chaos if you are willing to stay awake and be flexible in your responses to the chaos. This particular chaos has never happened before, so it should not be a surprise that your behavior needs to be original, certainly not how we are used to responding. Repeat this mantra in silence throughout your day:

Please God help me with my intention to

accept whatever reality is revealed to me

You don’t have to accept anyone’s stories about ET’s, as we suspect you will soon have your own experiences. Just do not expect them to show up at your door or call you on your cell to chat.

Note: Some of these aliens are invading/possessing our children…make sure you look into the eyes of your kids several times a day to ensure their soul stays inside of their body…yes I know this sounds hysterical, but it is all playing out as foretold!


Don’t keep lying to yourself, your reputation is important and people will not forget, so don’t play games. Walk the straight and narrow path and all will work out.


Beware that there is an accumulation of bad people around you that wish to guide you to the destiny they want for their own advantage. Make sure you know what you want or you may end up fighting to get something other people want.


Superman does not exist. You need to take care of things because no one, especially super man, is not going to rescue you. Just do it.


Why did you wait so long to inform others of what is going on? Now they are mad at you and you need their support. Keep them informed every step of the way or you will be sorry. Lack of information opens the opportunity for misinformation, which is not to your advantage.


Don’t keep waiting to explain to everyone what happened. They will understand or they won’t understand but that is ok as they will soon forget. Just don’t allow what happened, to come to them as a surprise, as informing them will give you the upper hand.


Don’t make up stories, just tell the truth and everyone will work with you. Now is not the time to keep people in the dark about your life.


You have new plans and you need support so don’t delay in setting up your meetings with the appropriate people who could support you in your new cycle of independence.


Wake up and smell the coffee. Things are not as they used to be. Everyone is doing their own thing and you are getting left behind with your old habit of being stubborn. Get with the program and learn very quickly to be flexible or you will be left behind.


You too need to wake up to a new world where everyone is created equal and you are no longer the brightest bulb…It is only fair and just that everyone have the same opportunities but that does not mean you cannot climb up the ladder of success and reach the top. It does mean you are going to have more competition and if that makes you angry, you may expend too much energy being angry and not enough energy positioning yourself for your success.


Do not hesitate to ask for help, as everyone is willing to pitch in. Just don’t expect people to spend the time figuring out what you need. They have too much on their own plate for you to expect them to beg you to allow them to do things for you.


No one promised you it would be easy, it will not be. But it is important that you keep fighting to achieve your goals as you will fall into a deep depression if you give up and settle for what you already have.


Wake up to a new reality where you are positioned to get what you want. Just don’t expect to get what you want without asking for it. No one is going to offer it to you as you have rejected these same situations in the past.