Alzheimer’s Secret

Choosing to be a type of zombie

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SPECIAL NOTE:  Planet Earth is scheduled to go through a transformation. The Grand Cross astrological configuration in the middle of April, 2014 will be one of the strongest in decades. It is a time for personal transformation. But we may find a lot of people not ready or willing to make the changes necessary. They may instead go into Alzheimers….as a way of not being responsible for their own life. It has been predicted that at this time the number of zombies will augment dramatically. Is this not wanting to change/transform be one of the causes of zombies?

Just in case, do this mantra:

Please God help us with our intention to tranform our life gracefully.


In remote viewing the brain of an Alzheimer’s victim, the vasanas look like a mess of mindstrings that resemble the fuzz on a peach but moist and sticky. But in the case of Alzheimer, contrary to the seed size of a cancer, which is small, the area of vasanas is much larger. Our remote viewed  description is quite similar

the description of what a surgeon sees in the autopsy of the brain of an Alzheimer’s victim.






Final conclusion about Alzheimer’s


It is hard to   work with an Alzheimer’s patient because they do not intend on getting better.  This is what I discovered  about the subconscious intention behind Alzheimer’s in November of 2013:


Alzheimer is a decision not to allow ones life to flow from one instance into another, from one place to another, from one activity to another. It is a decision made when the person has parts of their life that are incompatible with the rest of their life. That person cannot integrate all the parts without creating some type of chaos, so they choose to compartmentalize their life into boxes that never touch each other.


Alzheimer victims chose not to eliminate something or someone from their life, knowing fully that that something/someone is incompatible with other of their choices.


Types of people who get Alzheimer’s

 The types of people that are not truthful about how they live, not truthful about what they like and love and not truthful about how they feel about their life are the types to get fall victim to Alzheimer’s. These people do not have the emotional strength to make the changes that would help them to be happier and also healthier. They chose to block off the part of their life that they cannot fully accept so that they don’t have to make a change, so that they can keep living that “lie”.

 Specifically these kind of people, these  kind of choices

  • People that stay in marriages that no longer work.
  • People that stay in jobs they hate or that bore them.
  • People that follow a religion they no longer believe in.
  • People are not in tune with their families that they love; yet they refuse to go off on their own.
  • People that have been abused but deny the abuse ever happened because they would have to do something about it
  • People who abuse people in business when in their hearts they know they are doing wrong, yet their business ethics say it is OK

 Alzheimer’s victims don’t like a huge part of their life but are not willing to change it, so they compartmentalize that part into a little box in their mind/brain and that is where the flow of life stops and Alzheimer’s starts.

 They lack the faith or strength they can make the change gracefully or they don’t want to upset people which also means they lack the strength to make the change.

 The numbers may get scary

 We should be very concerned about the potential number of Alzheimer patients. If it is true that 70% of employees today are disengaged from their jobs, and a significant number hate their jobs but are not willing to quit, this “fact” alone will make for a HUGE increase in Alzheimer’s.

 Alzheimer’s Secret: Choosing to be a type of zombie

 I do believe the new medical model that works with the mindstrings plus all the other levels of strings need to begin with discovering what the intention of the patient is when they become ill. And then treat the patient accordingly. And Alzheimer’s disease in particular will require we look at and help the patient to be willing to transform their lives in order to be happier.

 Now that we have revealed the Alzheimer’s secret, lets look at the balance of the elements and the more mechanical aspects of the disease.

 Memory and plaques seen in Alzheimer’s

 Plaques include mindstrings, a memory, 2-3 emotional reactions and then a thought, which is then repressed. All get held down by strings at several levels and underneath the holding down with the “fingers” there is a toxic state.


Definition of toxic:Late Latin toxicus, from Latin toxicum poison, from Greek toxikon arrow poison, from neuter of toxikos of a bow, from toxon bow, arrow

 Plaques are toxic and poisonous

 Plaques are toxic and poisonous and make sick the area that they cover, such as the brain in Alzheimer’s. Plaques do not heal of his or her own, as it is the person’s decision not to heal. To heal means to make “whole” and it appears that Alzheimer’s patients compartmentalize their lives so as not to have to make changes.

 The definition of the word heal:


Heal: Middle English helen, from Old English hǣlan; akin to Old High German heilen to heal, Old English hāl whole

 Whole: Middle English hool healthy, unhurt, entire, from Old English hāl; akin to Old High German heil healthy, unhurt, Old Norse heill, Old Church Slavic cělŭ

 Alzheimer’s Patient Intention


Medical researchers don’t understand how plaques can take over a brain so quickly as in Alzheimer’s and nothing, nothing, nothing they do can stop it. The medical establishment does not take into consideration that Alzheimer’s patients have made a decision to not be awake and this is the way they do it.


The medical professions are puzzled as to the lack of progress in researching Alzheimer’s, as the intention of the patient is not known, and the patient would deny it vehemently.  The daughter of an Alzheimer’s victim described her reaction to her father’s choices, or lack of choices in his life that led to his Alzheimer’s”


“Very elegant they way they do it, fall asleep at the wheel of life…purposefully, so as to give up the free will so many of us fight to exercise. They willingly give it up by falling asleep.”


Health: a balance of elements


To my knowledge most if not all medical systems, except modern medicine, consider health to be a balance of the four elements of air, water, fire and earth. Modern medicine does not take into consideration the elements, much to the detriment of the patients and also the Planet, which is sick due to global warming which is an excess of the fire element.


Alzheimer’s imbalance of elements:


ü  Too much earth element-stuck, not enough movement


ü  Too little fire- no movement


ü  Too lite water-no movement


ü  Too little air-no movement


Clutching mindstrings: clenched hands


Alzheimer’s patients reject air, water and fire element in order to stay “stuck” in a situation they do not like but are unwilling to change. You may find that Alzheimer’s mindstrings have 4 of the 5 finger extensions closed as fingers close to make a fist.


If you look at how an Alzheimer’s patient holds their fingers, you may find an important clue to which direction they are going in in terms of the disease. A tightly clenched fist would appear to indicate a more severe process of Alzheimer’s.


Final observation


We believe that the patient will need help in finding the strength to make changes in their lives so that they can be happier and not put their mind and memory to sleep. I suspect that if we look to herbs from Ayurveda, we might be able to help the patient. But the tendency would need to be observed early on.