Life Mysteries Revealed by Remote Viewer Frances Fox

Your Astral Body and more Seminar

Español 8-9 de noviembre, 2014 en Miami

Bottom line for those with short attention spans:

Frances discovered the structure of the human mind. With that information you can control your world, better said, you will be master of your destiny and also have answers that science and religion have been searching for since the beginning of time.

Below are a few of the Life Mysteries Frances will unravel in this groundbreaking seminar

Remote Viewer Frances Fox

 Science has been hot on the trail of what is called “the fundamental structure of the universe”. Frances Fox discovered it via her remote viewing skills and has been working with it since the 1990’s with people who are sick, executives and in stress management training.
She found that, just as the string theorists contended, the fundamental structure of the universe is made of several levels of strings that vibrate and interpenetrate several dimensions. Each individual has this structure that channels his or her individual mind. That structure is the mind body connection as each individual has an astral energy body plus an etheric energy body, in addition, to their physical body, which their mind strings use to navigate on the different dimensions. Frances coined the word mindstrings for the channels of the mind.
With this discovery Frances found the answers to many questions even our religions have been unable to answer. Here is a list of some of what you will learn in this seminar as a result of  Frances’ research.
This seminar will answer these age-old questions….

  • Does your astral body have a secret life?
  • Why protecting your bedroom and bed  while you are sleeping is so important since 12-21-2014
  • What marijuana does to your mind that makes it easier to release trapped memories
  • How you can alter your mind with mental yoga
  • How to use drumming CD’s to travel to other dimension
  • Why putting your cell phone between your legs while you drive is so damaging to your bank account.
  • How sleeping with your cell phone next to your head can reduce the amount of money you have in your bank account
  • Why the four elements are important for the health of your physical body and mind
  • What  the mind body connection  looks like in the other dimensions
  • What stress does to the mind that can be a preamble to disease
  • Where past lives are registered  in your body
  • How past lives can influence  what kind of disease you get in this lifetime
  • How the tunnel of white light is the original gateway that “you” use to enter life and then exit life
  •  What part of a human being has near death experiences and how?
  • What happens to your during a near death experience and how it is similar to what your astral body does during your sleep
  •  What is astral travel and what part of you  can do that
  • Why dry mouth leaves you vulnerable to spirit invasion
  •  Where are human intentions held?
  •  Why are some babies born with defects?
  •  What happens to your spirit while you are alive?
  •  Why your arm can still hurt after your arm is amputated
  •  Why  you should consider massive doses of vitamin C?
  •  Why contact with the elements of nature are so stress reducing and healing?
  •  What stress actually does that makes it a preamble to disease
  •  What are those spirits that look like  ghosts doing in cemeteries?
  •  Why it is important to not repress emotions
  • What the difference  is in the minds between autistic and regular children
  •  How repressed memories look in the mind
  •  Why Alzheimer’s is so hard to heal
  • What types of people get Alzheimers
  • Why you never ever want to live near a cemetery
  • Why Feng Shui works

For  even more  “esoteric” that will be revealed in this seminar:
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English October 25-26, 2014 in Miami

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Español 8-9 de noviembre, 2014 en Miami

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