Anxious / Hyper – Reading the Aura of a Young Man.Anxious / Hyper – Reading the Aura of a Young Man.

Searching for the basis for personality

This is an example of what a typical session would be. Remember, personality is not essence; personality is a reaction to something, against something, a memory, astrological energies, and other influences and reactions.
We are going to check this 30 year old male Aquarius, single, Hispanic. There several aspects of his personality that I am familiar with as I know him personally. Where did these aspects come from?
Gregarious aspect: He likes to have people around, to have fun in groups and community. There is a part of this aspect of his personality that has to do with the Aquarius characteristics of love of community, and enjoying people and having affection for people. But another part has to do with the country where he is from. His country of origin is a very social country where people don’t really enjoy things when they do these things on their own. Their pleasure and enjoyment is in groups, in laughing together, and in sharing. That aspect of his personality would be a combination of his astrological and also his cultural background. The country that he is from the country where he learned what fun was, what constituted fun, what having a good time looks like. That country is Venezuela and that particular value came from the indigenous people that lived there hundreds of years ago. The land is congested with the energies that came from the indigenous people. Those particular Indians had rituals that were games that required large groups of people to play. That was the way they had fun and worked through their frustrations and anxieties. That energy remained in the country and the land. The people from Venezuela find fun in events that include a lot of other people. There is not simply a pairing off, or any hobbies that you would do on your own that would be considered fun. The land of Venezuela retains the memory of the natives that had these ritualized games for working through frustrations. If you are born or live in Venezuela, these energies transfer to your energy field and aura and your personality is changed by this transfer.
Impatience with tasks: Another aspect of his personality is that he has a lot of impatience when he has to do something that he is not good at or that he is not handling well. He has a very short attention span and low threshold for frustration with new things. Its a very obvious that he gets impatient very easily. This comes from a view of himself as an Aquarius. An Aquarius are the most evolved of all the mind signs and they are very bright and they have that instantaneous knowing, or intuition. It takes other people a long time to arrive at the same accurate conclusions. This capability of instantaneously knowing things created like bad habit. If he did not understand something instantaneously or know how to do it instantaneously then it felt like entirely too much work. There was not a lot of tolerance for having to struggle to understand or to accomplish something. A negative aspect of the Aquarius ability to understand quickly is a profound part of this personality trait of impatience at anything that is new or he does not handle well.
Forgetful Aspect: He does not have clear priorities and is very forgetful. What he says are his priorities end up getting lost in the routine of the day. It is a part of his personality. He is forgetful; he can’t remember things that should be important. This aspect of his personality comes from a state of shock. The shock has to do with a tragic event that happened when he was young. When he was seven he was visiting New York and was across the street from the Empire State Building. Most unfortunately he witnessed a man who had thrown himself off of the building, land on the sidewalk and splatter over the plate glass windows next to him. This event created a high level of disassociation from the horror of what he witnessed. The young man fragmented his astral body, and his Etheric was displaced both resulting in him being in a state of shock today. There is today a part of him that is seven yeas old and plus three months and plus eight days that is still in a state of shock and kind of hunkered down, dizzy and disoriented. A core part of him is not firmly attached to his assemblage, not centered and not operational at all. That creates a personality trait of forgetfulness, not having priorities in order and seeming to live from one day to the next. The forgetfulness and seeming to be able to live in the moment and enjoy the moment without really making his intentions and priorities a part of the day, have to do with an inability to keep focus because of the tragic event.. This personality aspect is a reaction to a trauma. It is obviously that a choice he makes.
Astute: This young man is also very astute, very aware, and he captures information very quickly. We could say this was a result of his Aquarius energies but the read is that this has to do with his metaphysical or reincarnation history. In many lifetimes he was an assistant to men of wisdom, an assistant to men who assisted powerful people. an assistant choosing never to be a position of power but always in a position of helping people that were close to power because of having an innate wisdom. The astuteness that he has comes from an accumulation of many lifetimes of being wise, astute and aware. It is not just a result of having chosen to be an Aquarius in this lifetime. It is also a direct result of his intention to assist people who assist people who are in power.
This young individual is gay, not heterosexual. You could call this a choice, you could call it personality. In terms of this read that aspect comes directly from the man who committed suicide. One of the reasons he committed suicide is that he felt he had gay tendencies a time when to be gay was very difficult. There was not a social acceptance of homosexuality then and the man who committed suicide certainly was not accepting of those feelings. This young mans homosexuality is directly a result of a fragment from the man who committed suicide.
Bored Very Easily: This young man gets bored very easily. H e wants to try different things yet unless he is really; really enjoying what he is doing he want to quit and do something else. He gets bored very easily. It shows as impatience. This is directly due to the trauma and the fragment of the suicide man. He got a fragment/attachment of the man of the consciousness of the suicide person. An attachment that includes the thoughts and emotions of the moment the man was committing suicide. Those thoughts and emotions would include a high level of anxiety. The young mans boredom is a result of an incredible level of anxiety. If he is not totally enmeshed in what he doing, if he is not really enjoying something, if there is some quiet, down time, then he gets too close in contact with that high level of anxiety which of course would be intolerable for anyone.