Excessive Astral Travel: Magnetic Shift of the Poles


 These bodies fit one inside the other, like a set of Russian dolls.The body in gold is your astral body. But your astral body is no longer designed to stay aligned due to the magnetic shift of the poles…

The earth has been burdened by too many negative emotions that became sticky due to lack of movement.

Those magnetic emotions have literally pulled the earth off of its center. If you add to that the knocked of the earth off of its axis by the 2004 earthquake/tsunami, the atom bomb in 1945 and the secret nuclear bomb testing, you have a Planet that has not been able to keep itself centered and aligned with its father, the Sun.

The movement of the magnetic part of earth, which is aligned with the human magnetic field which is the astral body and its  contents, has pulled the human astral body even further out of alignment with the other energy bodies and the physical body.

It is clear something huge is going on and humans tend to get anxious when their astral bodies are pushed as they are today by the magnetic shifts. So humans act out more and then make more movements than necessary. That excess movement has a name: astral travel.

Today there is more astral travel than what should be happening. You are supposed to astral travel while your physical body rests confortably in bed. You are not supposed to astral travel while at work or while driving!

To be continued….