Why Birds Are Leaving

HELLO BIRDS what is going on? Why are you leaving?

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May 20, 2013


When God brought us to this planet it was with a plan.

That plan included helping the souls that chose to be here

to evolve so they could be enfolded into a bigger universe. The idea was to prime those souls here and then mix them into a bigger scenario with other souls that were  very different.

Male/Female Split

The problem developed at the very beginning where male and female could not really live well together other than the perfect fit of the sexual organs. That is why the sexual organs were developed and sex was developed, to give humans a reason to be together.

We are no longer needed, as we have not accomplished our mission to helping humans to evolve and get along so they can become part of a larger group of souls.

Our mission is over.

Ok but what does that mean for humans? We will experience the loss of your companionship, the singing voices, the happy movements…but is your leaving the preamble to disease and death for many? What can/should we expect?

You can expect disease and food and water shortages and the human desire to kill will augment to where it will be widely acknowledged that the human race is very sick and will “kill each other” to extinction.

When does this “sick” phase start?

As early as next week…

That would be the week of May 27, 2013?

Yes, the big factor that is “unseen” is the amount of vicious ET forces that have entered via the eclipses,   solar flares and the storm on Saturn.

How do they affect us?

They take over, “ possess” the human body to use as a vehicle to be able to “play” or function on the physical dimension, which is where humans are so “functional”. And they have already occupied the bodies of politicians who exhausted themselves or are electroaddicted and do not have good habits that would have protected themselves from ET invasion.

Ok so we are in deep trouble.

Yes, and the assistance you would normally have is rapidly being pulled out of Planet Earth because of the path to self destruction the Planet is on.

Are we all in the same “boat” or can some of us self correct and remain unaffected by these invasions? And if everyone around us is invaded/possessed then how can we function?

It has always been a choice of what to do when emotions boil up inside of us. We animals have emotions also, but we also have more discipline and know what to do to stay aligned with our intentions in spite of the fear or anger we feel. We know we cannot deviate our “plan” or mission just because people are misbehaving or things are not going our way.

How do you process your rage and fear and sadness?

We turn over to God that which is overwhelming us. And in that way we are relieved of the stress and burden. The problem with humans is that they do not know how much help is available to them.

Human history has included a concerted plan to cut the connection between humans and the gods that can and do help. It has left humans feeling very alone and helpless. But that is only an illusion because the help is there if the human is open to it. But the mindstreams (human mind) are so busy grabbing onto to physical objects and relationships they are not open to spiritual help.

Ok, so where are the birds going?

The birds are releasing their commitment to the physical dimension and going back to other dimensions, which include where they are from originally.

Is this at all like the Mayans that just slipped into other dimensions without a fuss? But what happens to their physical bodies?

The birds are simply leaving their presence on the physical dimension. It is done by intending on doing it. They no longer intend on being here on Planet Earth to help out. So their mindstreams that sustain the reality of their being here, create the reality of not being here.

I am still confused about the disease, food and water shortages. More specifics?

The viruses’ humans’ experiences are a type of invasion. They cannot be called a spirit possession because the virus is too small to take over but yes to influence the person. There are many different types of virus’s/spirit invasions entering the Planet now. They will cause many new diseases particularly associated with the solar plexus.

Pay attention to your solar plexus, build up its immune system, heal that chakra, purify the congestions there, and generally make sure your solar plexus chakra is super healthy.

Everything green, from the color itself (taken in via sight/eyes) to foods of that color, to wearing that color will be helpful in combating the invasion of these new viruses.

Why green?

The color green has a vibration that is the core vibration of Planet Earth. It has the proper resonance to support health. The opposite of green is the color black, which deteriorates health.

I did not know black was the opposite of green?

It is the polar opposite on Planet Earth. No more questions about the color black. Do what you want with that piece of information but no more questions about it.