From Victim to Master

editing 5-20-2018

 As you go through life you cannot help but notice that too often you end up in different places, with different outcomes and with different people than you intended. This appears to be a part of the human condition, yet ancient cultures and religions say it could be different. Many wise men contend you are a master of your destiny yet often you feel like a victim of circumstances.
[burst]           What blocks you from mastery of your life?
What is it that you need to know about yourself that can help you to achieve mastery over your life?

Science believes there are 11-20 dimensions
Did you know that science now contends there may be 11 to 20 dimensions? Science knows little about them and society has been kept in the dark by skeptics who call people and children who can see into those dimensions delusional. The fear that people who have information about those dimensions are delusional and even mentally ill has kept us from accessing thousands of years of observations and conclusions about those dimensions. These restrictions have not helped society either and for that reason most of our laws and institutions are relevant only for the limited reality of the physical dimensions.
You are a multi dimensional assemblage of vehicles
What is in those 11 to 20 dimensions? A huge body of ancient knowledge teaches that you have a presence in several dimensions and that you are an assemblage of vehicles (also called bodies) that function in the different dimensions. Your physical body is only one of several vehicles. The core of that assemblage of vehicles is a structure that is so powerful it could be called the center axis of your life. Our conclusion is that it is that mysterious and evasive Holy Grail. Which is supposed to grant power to those who hold it. In reality if you can take your waking consciousness to that place inside of you, you can be more powerful than you ever imagined Why? Because that body is the fundamental structure of your universe and the core of your assemblage of vehicles (bodies) and emanating from it are your creations, your life.
You are a multidimensional being with parts of you all over the place! The graphic below is of your bodies and the following chapters give extensive details on their issues, needs and uses. But before we get into details on each body and strings we would like to introduce important concepts, the bigger picture of what is important today about your assemblage. In that way you can know something about the pitfalls, modern influences and issues so you can more easily identify what you should pay attention to in your own assemblage.

The core of the fundamental structure of your universe is called the causal vehicle and it is on the causal dimension where first cause resides. It is where your intentions are held, deep inside of your assemblage of bodies. Your causal body is a huge string and from it extends other strings. All of the strings are electrical in nature and are responsible for all, not just all that happens to you, but all that happens.
Your mind is liquid nectar that flows through the strings of the fundamental structure to achieve your intentions held in the causal body. Your causal body is the initiator of first cause in your life on this Planet and first cause is always your intention.
The mind in knots, a common theme
The strings have issues, the most frequent being that they knot. In the chapter on Strings in Religion and Science, you will see how different cultures and religions have an understanding of the relationship between knotted strings and the health and happiness of the individual.
Burned out
The strings can also be burned by electromagnetic frequencies causing a long list of symptoms you will read about in this book. When your strings are burned you could say you have electro hypersensitivity, radiation illness, and a myriad of other names. But the chances are your doctor will not be diagnosing this issue anytime soon as there has been a very strange resistance to acknowledging the physical and mental health issues that can be due to electromagnetic frequencies.
There are entire protocols available from medical institutions such as the Guideline of Austrian Medical Association for the diagnosis and treatment of EMF-related health problems and illnesses (EMF syndrome)
that address the medical issues of what is often called EMF syndrome, electrosmog and electrohypersensitivity. and the sea of microwaves we live in today. But you won’t find much if anything about burnt “strings as medical sciences are not aware of the strings.
You are your mind, you are mind, channeled through strings whose configurations define “you”. You have vehicles you use to navigate and function on the different dimensions your strings interpenetrate. We just shared some information about your main string, your Holy Grail known for centuries as a double terminated funnel that is called your causal body.
Your astral body
Your liquid mind is channeled through your strings, but your desires are held in your astral desire body. Our twenty years of research reveal what ancient wisdom contends, life is the dynamic relationship between your mind and your desires held in your astral body. In ancient literature, this dynamic was called the Kamas Manas dance as Kamas means desires and Manas means mind. Even though you, your liquid mind flowing through strings has several bodies it uses to achieve your intentions when you read about this body and the dynamic nature of desires, you will realize how important it is to process, not repress, them. If you are not careful, your desires can dominate your intentions.
You are a master of your intentions, you just don’t know it
We all need to thank Rhonda Byrne, author of The Secret as she captured and delivered to us the importance of the Law of Attraction. Unfortunately, there was still a lot of resistance to accepting that Law as a reality in our lives. We are pleased that due to our research we can now give you the dark side of the Law of Attraction, which will complete the puzzle of how your intentions can be easily blocked by your own assemblage without you knowing it. Almost all your real enemies are within your own assemblage!
Hidden Intentions
If mastery means you create your reality then you are already a master. If you are not where you think you want to be, you will be rethinking that after reading this book. You will find that it is you that is responsible for where you are and where you end up. You are responsible for all the bad that has happened and also all the good. That is the bad news and also the good news.
What is the real issue? The real issue is that you feel and act like a victim because you do not know who you are, or better said, what you are. You often do not really know what you intend. After reading this book you may drop the habit of judging what is right and wrong because those concepts will lose their relevance.
In these pages you will learn about your multi dimensional assemblage of vehicles and how you can use them to achieve your intentions so that you end up exactly where you want, even if what you want is bad. You will learn that when you do something bad, it is because deep inside you know you are intending something that will align you with something that is good.
Factors that block your health and prosperity
Through the years of reseach we found 3 major issues that can damage your assemblage and your ability to create the life you intend. They are

-Repressed desires
-Black Magic
-Electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s)

We talk extensively about these influences throughout the book and have concluded that protection and purification of your assemblage of bodies should be the task that you choose to spend time on. You have your intentions when you are born, but it is the process of living and what damages your assemblage that can block those intentions. So it makes sense to spend a lot more time on purifying out of your assemblage what you don’t want within it, and protecting it from invasion from outside forces. We share many recommendations throughout the book.
 Repressed emotions influence your intentions
We will share what we have learned based on twenty years of remote viewing the assemblage of bodies and strings. We will reveal internal influences that block you from achieving your intentions, such as childhood traumas. We also share the discovery of two new addictions relating to electromagnetic frequencies that will literally shock you. It is possible you too have fallen under the spell these addictions are weaving in our technology driven world.
Black magic influences your intentions
We reintroduce a very old concept of what is traditionally called black magic, the ability to manipulate your strings and bodies at a distance with rituals and bad intentions. Throughout history, it has been known that there are people who can curse you and that curse can be the cause of your death. Modern science has rejected this well known influence because of fear of the unknown and a lack of information about the energy bodies that are the ones manipulated through black magic. Apparently, tying up your strings is not so hard!

 Electromagnetic frequencies influence your intentions
The biggest negative influence today on your assemblage is radiation from EMF’s, electromagnetic frequencies. This new influence may be the biggest enemy to your intentions.
The issue of exhaustion and its influence on economics
We review the issue of a level of exhaustion unseen previously that can be influencing your ability to create, even affecting companies and countries’ ability to have the market confidence and creativity it needs to remain leaders in industry and business. This exhaustion is directly related to the new addictions to the radiation from cell phones and all things wireless and electrical. That radiation debilitates your immune, causing the exhaustion.
Your environment
It is important to protect your environment today, an environment that has been intoxicated with electromagnetic frequencies, creating a global warming effect in your home and assemblage of bodies. The sheer volume of EMF’s can even make you forget your intentions
Electromagnetic frequencies while you sleep: electroshock?
You may be living in a soup of electromagnetic frequencies dur to the increase radiating devices in your home. Even though you did not know until now that your strings are vitalized by direct current (DC) you may remember that in school you learned that the brain and the heart are separate electrical systems that also operate on direct current.
In spite of that knowledge, today most of us sleep with our heads near electrical outlets behind our beds that radiate alternativn current (AC) that is known to cause interference with direct current.
The alternating current from the outlet you use to plug in your lamp is interfering with your brain, 8 hours a night! How important is that interference? A lot more important than you can imagine.
Alternating current is the frequency used in psychiatry to distress the electrical system of the brain of people the medical profession consider are really crazy, causing mini seizures, making them forget by erasing memory and turning them into a faded version of themselves.
It is called electro shock and it is considered a barbarian medical  practice by a great number of professionals. Below is a description of what electro shock is:
“Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is a procedure in which a brief application of electric stimulus is used to produce a generalized seizure (causing) permanent memory los and confusion.
Yet you sleep under conditions that replicte electroshock. Your brain, operating on direct current is often inches away from altenating current, for house a day. The back of your bed can be right up again the air conditioning unit, and pool pump on the other side of the wall!

Is it possible that the weird memory loss millions are experiencing today is due to self administered electro shock? Are we wiping out our memories while we sleep due to this mixing of electromagnetic frequencies. Even though until now it was not known that the mind works on DC, apparently scientists do know how frequencies can mkae your body very sick, but apparently we have not been listening. We encourage you to read Samuel Milhams book Dirty Electricity: Electrification and the Diseases of Civilization, where he presents his evidence.
Insticitively we know our memory loss is important. Throughout our years of research we have had people reveal their deepest secrets in the hopes their life can get better. When a young man in his teens shared that his group of friends worry about their memory loss, we know there is more self awareness  out there than people are admitting to regarding the widespread issue of memory loss.
We sugges you respect your own instincts and not wait till all the “science” is in and they have figured out what many professional already know: convenient, electonically driven modern living may be really bad for you and no one but yourself and take care of ths issue. You need to take care of it and in that way, protect your intentions.
Your environment
It is important to protect your environment today, an environment that is often toxic with excess electromagnetic frequencies, creating a warming effect in your home and assemblage of bodies. The sheer volume of EMF’s can even make you forget your intentions

What should you do about these bad vibes? The first law of toxicity is to remove yourself from it. Something as simple as moving your bed or spending less time on your cell phone is a start to protecting your strings. Cell phones radiate the most powerful of electromagnetic frequencies: microwave so get creative about reducing your exposure.

Health: balance of the elements
It has been said that most, if not all medical systems, from shamanism, to Chinese Medicine to Ayurveda are based on the knowledge that health is a balance of the elements. Most of the medical systems talk about the four elements of air, fire, water and earth, with the exception of Chinese Medicine, which has an additional element. The point is not how many elements exist but that they need to be balanced. Modern medicine does not have that law and the consequences have been huge, including, Today Modern Medicine has been studies and is statistically its classified as the worst medical system out of the top 17 developed countries in the world.
The U.S. health care system has been subject to heated debate over the past decade, but one thing that has remained consistent is the level of performance, which has been ranked as the worst among industrialized nations for the fifth time, according to the 2014 Commonwealth Fund survey 2014.”[2]

It is our opinion after years of observation that the real Cannabis is so miraculous in helping with so many different diseases and conditions today is that it is very effective at reducing the element that has contributed to those same issues and also to Global Warming: the fire element.

The elements and the strings
All the strings are vitalized by direct current (DC) and have an electrical charge that is a balance of electrons and protons. Those charges move in the correct direction and only change direction when they are sick or the person dies. In other words, the direction of the movements of the protons and electrons indicate whether a person is sick or on their way to dying.

The electrical charge in cells is critical to their functioning. If there was not an electrical charge, the cells would be dead. The direction of movement of the electricity is to bring life into the cell and when it reverses, then the opposite movement is taking life out of the cell.

We often ask for extra information or understanding when we feel we need that extra understanding. Throughout this book, we will share with you what our spiritual Masters share with us. This is what they say about the elements and cells:

            “The cell must be balanced in the elements, to be healthy just like everything else. Even though it looks like cells and the human body in general have more of the water element than anything else, it is not accurate to say there is more water. What there is, is more visible water:

  •             The fire element is in movement of the electricity
  •             The earth element is in the structure
  •             The air element is in the breath that comes in and out of the cells.
  • There is just as much water element as the other elements in cells.

We have not known enough about the elements to take care of our bodies nor our mind. And apparently we have not known enough about the elements to take care of our environment either.

Global Warming: excess of the fire element
This lack of knowledge about the balance of the elements has had a dire consequence because our environment also needs for the elements to be balanced to be healthy. The excess of the fire element, called Global Warming has made this Planet “sick” with scientists warning that the issue may cause the extinction of the human race.
Human frustration and violence: excess of the fire element
That same imbalance with an excess of the fire element in homes, offices and cities means there is excess fire element of the strings of your assemblage, burning them and also causing behavioral changes that are playing out as frustrations and violence. The level of violence today would seem to indicate we are a “sick” society, which is what happens when the elements are out of balance.

Broken protection
The excess fire does not just damage your strings and bodies, it damages a life web that creates a protective electric field around you. Science has named this field the Higgs Field. The level of fire is severely damaging this field, opening holes in it.
The Higgs Field is an etheric field composed of electrical strings forming layers of grids that align perfectly. When there is too much radiation it burns through, creating a hole also called a portal in your protection. These portals allow spirits to enter your environment causing your home to be haunted. In addition, many people today have a portal near the ear where they use their cell phone.

Spirits influences your intentions
There is another influence on health and happiness that most medical systems, other than modern medicine, know are relevant and that is the influence of spirits. In this book we will cover extensively the influence spirits have on your strings and your bodies and reveal these spirits are often the root cause in mental illness. This information may propel you into accessing your natural intuition so that you can feel when a spirit with bad intentions is influencing you. That is called being clairsentient and it is when you feel something that is not there on the physical dimension. A lot of kids have constant stomachaches because they can feel negative energies.

Monitoring your environment
Electromagnetic frequencies are a new factor in human history but so overwhelming that it is necessary to develop a new type of environmental science similar to Feng Shui to address this influence of this radiation.

An excess of the fire element from those frequencies destroys your natural protection from the spirit world. There is a clear and direct connection between the excess fire and the spirit intrusions into your assemblage and into your home. One of the consequences is a rise in mental illness and we dedicate an entire chapter to their influence on your mental wellbeing. That excess fire appears to attract the worse types of spirits associated with “hell” and the devil. The Bible appears to be warning us of this new influence and its ability to open the door to spirit invasion more than 2,000 years ago:

“Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron”.
I Timothy 4:1-2

“Seared” like a piece of meat, a steak, as EMF’s are literally cooking not just your cells but your strings!

Our sciences have not taken the time to explore the effects of electromagnetic frequencies on the assemblage of bodies but it appears the Bible did try and warn us!

Fox Bagua map
In this book we introduce a map we call the Fox Bagua of how your strings extend into your environment, influencing and being influenced by it. We dedicate an entire chapter to this new map with suggestions on how to use it to protect your protection, which literally means protect your environment so that it can protect you.

Cannabis: healing your strings
We share with you the astounding results of our remote viewing research on cannabis, a multi dimensional herb. We know that many will shut down to our information due to the influence of fifty years of disinformation about Cannabis. We do not go into the issue of why all that disinformation other than to say that something so miraculous cannot easily fall into the paradigm we have lived and suffered under, limited to the physical dimension and not taking into consideration the intentions of plants!

Scientific research has already revealed that Cannabis creates positive changes on a newly discovered structure called Cannabinoid Receptors which are some of the strings that channel your mind. And you will see the miracle of what happens when you anointing Cannabis on a cancerous lesion.

Laws that govern your structures
Our intention is that the information in this book makes it easier for you to work with your assemblage of bodies and strings to create the life that you intend, more gracefully. We reveal the role of the two fundamental laws of the universe, the Law of Intention and the Law of Attraction, have on your assemblage of bodies and strings and your ability to create. And we offer you not only an understanding of the influence of these laws but how to work with them to achieve a level of mastery that can be magical.
Stem Cells: Units of Your Intentions!
We debated as to whether we should include our research on stem cell therapy. But how can we write a book on intentions and not tell you that the cells in your body hold your intentions and those cells can be used for miraculous healings if you intend on being healed! Stem cell therapy can lead the way to a new medicine that honors your deepest intentions. The medicine of the future needs to take into consideration your intention to heal or to be sick.
Who are You?
This book answers the question of what are you, on this Planet. You will find that you are a master, but that will not answer the question of who are you. In exploring the strings and bodies you will see you are neither those strings nor your bodies, you pour through the strings of that structure and interpenetrate the different dimensions using those bodies.
Who are the “you” that pours through the strings? In Hinduism they refer to the liquid as nectar that gives you immortal life, and in the Bible they offer this:
…. Our Lord in verse 14: “I am poured out like water . . . “

That “you” that pours through your strings apparently can function outside of this Planet but in a vehicle we only discuss at the very end of this book, your Galactic chariot that is for other dimensional travel outside of Planet Earth.
Now let’s go into your assemblage of bodies and strings, which you use to achieve your intentions.

Chapter Human Assemblage

Frances editing 5-23-2018
Human Assemblage of Bodies and Strings

Every student of Occultism is familiar with the fact that man possesses several bodies or vehicles through which he is enabled to express himself on the various planes of nature-physical, astral, mental, and so forth.”[1]

Multi dimensional beings
It has been known for centuries that humans are an assemblage of parts that were designed to flow together. This information was never incorporated into modern medicine because most of the bodies and strings are in other dimensions. To understand this assemblage you need only to look at the nesting inside of each other of Russian dolls. In metaphysics, these bodies were named vehicles, and they are what your mind/strings use to operate on the different dimensions.
Higgs Field: dwelling place of the human assemblage
The assemblage of bodies and strings operate on a structure called the Higgs Field. The Higgs Field is a structure of layers of grids that align with each other. When energy passes through this structure, it moves in a standardized, systemic way, as the squares of the grid won’t allow for anything else.
If there is a break in the structure of grids, then there is chaos, as the energy passing through is not systematic or standardized. And ”things” bigger than the formed squares can now move from one dimension to another with no restraint.

The Higgs Field is made of what modern man calls the God Particle…The God Particle is essentially magnetic in nature though it does conduct electricity. It is not electromagnetic, as that would defeat the purpose of the Higgs Field.

The purpose of the Higgs Field is to be a backdrop of orderly structure that not interfere with human intentions. Human intentions can breaks the Higgs Field but the Higgs Field will not on its own create “issues”.
What other names did the ancients have for the Higgs Field?
They called it oasis which original meaning is “dwelling place”. The Higgs Field is a dwelling place of the human assemblage, which includes several bodies. It is the dwelling place of these bodies, one of which is the causal body, which creates the reality we live, in the dwelling place of the Higgs Field.

What is the God Particle?
The God Particle is the smallest unit of intention. It is so small that it is indivisible. Yet its power is such that if that unit intended it, it could take over entire universes. 
Perhaps the block to integrating the vast research on these bodies into modern medicine is the fact that until now too much of our science has been limited to the power of observation on the physical dimension and has not included much information about those 11 to 20 dimensions that always existed. In the past, people who could see and describe other dimensions and their contents and dynamics were ridiculed, described as delusional and that continues to happen today. There are even those that suggest that investigating and working with those dimensions is the work of the devil!
In this chapter, we review the bodies, the strings and the Higgs Field. Some of what we discovered is new knowledge and some is a type of correction of what was known before. We will let you know what is newly discovered so as not to confuse you when you compare this information to what has been available till now.

Vehicles: Bodies
Definition vehiculum, i, n. veho, a means of transport
Definition of vehicle: a thing used to express, embody, or fulfill something.[2]

These bodies are also called sheaths or envelopes of consciousness. There are several levels of strings that connect the bodies to each other in the different dimensions. In the book Dancing with Siva by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, the sheaths/vehicles are described as follows:[3]

“Kosa: Sheath; vessel, container; layer. Philosophically, five sheaths through which the soul functions simultaneously in the various planes of levels of existence. They are sometimes compared to the layers of an onion.”
Mindstrings: the mind body connection
It appears from our research that the strings we see were not identified in metaphysical information about the vehicles or energy bodies, sheaths, whatever name you choose, yet as they are mentioned in the Lord’s Prayer and in Hinduism.

Regardless, these strings are the mind/body connection as they interpenetrate several dimensions, connecting the assemblage. The strings were called the mental body but they are not limited to the mental dimension as we suspect was thought previously, because they do reach into several dimensions. It would appear that in the past they did not actually see the strings, which we can see today. When we taught classes on the Fox Mind Stretch exercises you will see at the end of this book, up to 25 % of the participants could see some of their own strings. It is time for the mystery of the mind to be finally resolved. Today it should be easy for people to be trained to see the strings

Dimensions and their corresponding bodies
Below are some of the planes, levels of existence or dimensions that were identified hundreds of years ago and the physical or subtle energy body that can function on it. Even though science now accepts there are eleven dimensions and perhaps as many as twenty, in this book we deal mainly with five dimensions and five bodies/vehicles used to navigate your life on those dimensions. There is an additional body we will touch lightly on that is used for dimensional travel.

In Hinduism, five of these bodies have been named and classified. We give the name most used in English and then the Hindu name. The names of the bodies are from the book Dancing with Siva by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami of the Himalayan Academy.

Physical dimension with the physical body is called the Annamaya-kosa which is limited to the physical dimension.

Etheric dimension made up of strings with the blue electric body, called the Pranamaya-Kosasheath of vitality which enlivens the physical body” which appears to be restricted to the etheric dimension.
Astral dimension the magnetic astral/desire body
body, called the manomaya kosa,which deals with instincts, emotions and desires”. The astral body easily disassociates and multiplies. It can be wild, as its movement is dictated by your desires and when you/it wants something it often goes for it even if it means intruding into other people’s assemblage.

Mental dimension with the mental body called the Vijnanamaya-Kosa is what is in the traditional classifications of dimensions and bodies. But what was called the mental body we have discovered is a series of hallow strings that interpenetrate many dimensions, not limited to just the mental dimension. These strings are electric and carry that electricity into the cells.
Causal dimension with the causal body called the Anandamaya-Kosa, which could be called your soul as distinguished from your spirit. The causal body does appear to be limited to the causal dimension.

Three bodies are shaped like the physical body
The first three bodies, physical, etheric and astral are shaped like your presence on the physical dimension, the physical body. These three bodies are nested inside each other, like the Russian dolls.

Astral and physical body not composed of strings
The astral/emotional/desire body and the physical body are the two bodies not composed of the electrical strings that channel the human mind.

Bodies composed of strings: causal, mental and etheric
Three of the bodies are composed of strings: those are the causal, the mental and the etheric. But the causal body string and the strings do not have the same shape as the physical body. The third body, the etheric, is also made up of strings that are bound together but their ultimate shape is that of your physical body, including all your defects!

Merkabah: Triangles and the Shield of David
There is another set of bodies shaped like two triangles. When you are centered these two triangles come together and form a Star of David also called the Shield of David, acting like a Talisman for protection.

That configuration has existed and been used as symbol of completion for thousands of years in Tibet and with other indigenous peoples around the globe. We have never seen these triangles recognized as bodies but they are vehciles of your consciousness. You have two of them and through the exercises in the back of this book you will be on your way to uniting them into the wonderful Star of David shape. When they are united, it means you have aligned and unified your upper three chakras with your lower three chakras and centered them with your heart chakra!

This particular body called the Merkabah is being severely tested at this time and may be the most important from here forth in your life as you will read in the last chapter in this book.

Causal Body and Mindstrings
In the graphic below, the gold funnel which is the causal body and 72,000 strings that extend we call mindstrings are superimposed over a physical body for a better understanding of their relationship. There are other systems of strings within your assemblage we will cover in a later chapter.

[Insert Graphic of causal body and mindstrings and physical body]

The causal body and mindstrings correspond to the concept that religions and cultures throughout the ages have as a symbol in their core beliefs: the Tree of Life. The trunk of the Tree of Life represents the center axis of your world because the two energy bodies associated with the Tree of Life are the center of the life of a human on Planet Earth. They literally create your life as you will see throughout this book.

Causal Body
The gold trunk called the Causal Body is a huge string, a double terminated funnel, on the causal dimension and holds your intentions from lifetime to lifetime. It is the deepest part of your mind. This body has the power of creation, which it achieves by changing shape, triangulating/vectoring and channeling God Particles. The descriptions of the causal body often match the descriptions of the soul, not to be confused with the spirit of a person, which is their astral body.

Mental Body Mindstrings
Casandra read this carefully to ensure I explain it well enough.
In 1994 we discovered the 72,000 thin Nile green strings that extend from the Causal body. A level of strings were discovered by science in 1992 and called Cannabinoid Receptors because of the influence that cannabis has on them. It is possible that our discovery is in reality the remote viewing of Cannabinoid Receptors. The chapter further on covering our research on how Cannabis changes the configurations of the 72,000 mindstrings reinforces our contention that strings and Cannabinoid Receptors are the same or at least part of the same system.
Mindstring Protection
When the 72,000 mindstrings extend fully from the causal body, they create a protective canopy around your assemblage of bodies that we can call your aura. The 72,000 mindstrings have 5 extensions at the end of them. They interpenetrate several dimensions so as to connect all the bodies to each other.
Your aura appears to the space within the canopy of mindstrings. But that space is not empty and that is a huge problem, because in addition to containing your bodies it also has fragments from other people’s bodies. It also has spirits who have magnetized to you because of the magnetic resonance of your astral body. It has static from electrical appliances and spiraling static from wireless electronic devices. It has images of violence, murders, dead people from your life and the TV shows you watch….And there is more, but we will not be getting into those details in this chapter.

Knotting of strings
Unfortunately, strings tend to knot and the mindstrings tend to knot, grab, droop and more as you will see from the references to strings in the Lord’s Prayer in the chapter on Strings in Religion and Science and the prayer to the Virgin that Unties Knots. That knotting of strings leaves a literal hole in the protective canopy, and that hole in your aura becomes a portal used by spirits to enter your assemblage of bodies. That portal allows your bodies to be easily pierced when someone thinks about or looks intensely at you. Unfortunately the EMF’s radiating from our favorite electronic devices are literally eating away at the canopy, leaving the assemblage unprotected.

Together the causal body and mindstrings comprise two levels of the human mind with the causal body acting as the center axis.

Etheric Body
The body made up of braided strings is called the Etheric and operates only on the etheric dimension. This body is like a wire frame shaped like the physical body.

“The etheric body consists of a definite structure of lines of force, or energy matrix, upon which the physical matter of the body tissues is shaped and anchored. The physical tissues exist as such only because of the vital field behind them: that is, the field is prior to, not a result of, the physical body.”

It is the matrix from which the physical body springs. Its grid shape acts like a protective fence and keeps out what should not enter the assemblage. It extends one inch beyond the physical body to protect it. It does not die when your physical body dies. The etheric body anchors your intentions by holding certain types of information.

The etheric body is your immune system and called the health aura in Arthur Powell’s book The Etheric Body. It can be jolted out of place but unlike the astral body it does not wander off other than when you are under the influence of anesthetics, had a near drowning accident or when you die.

Astral body
The gold body is composed of magnetic astral particles and is called the astral body, lives on the astral dimensions and is about desires. It is emotionally honest and reacts like a two year old until you are trained to repress it. The astral dimensions and the astral body are the most interesting of the assemblage. The astral dimensions have several levels; some of the lower levels have been literally described as hell. Remember the astral body is about emotions and really bad emotions or traumas can make you feel like you are in hell.
Astral body and Law of Attraction
Because this body is magnetic, your astral body and its astral particles are dominated by the Law of Attraction, which is the Law of Magnetic Resonance. That quality of magnetism is part of what makes your astral body sometimes difficult to “manage”. Its magnetic quality is the reason why it is so important that you protect your etheric body and the Higgs Field in your environment so that they can block what could be magnetized to you.
Astral Intentions
Your astral body is in constant movement, reacting to your emotions. It can “astral travel” by separating from the other bodies. It can duplicate itself many times over, which is a huge block to your intentions as each of your astral bodies can have different intentions and they often do! It is full of colorful emotions, which shift constantly.
Your astral body is most often called your spirit. We also refer to it as your astral spirit while your physical body is alive. It exists and has a separate life, even before you die. It can wander off while you and your physical body are alive and even visit other people. It does not die when your physical body dies. When we talk about your astral body doing something while you still have a physical body, we usually refer to it as your astral spirit.

Physical body
Your physical,dense body

Your body on the physical dimension is called the physical body and lives only on the physical dimension. It is the least interesting, as it is a result of the issues and strengths of the other bodies. It has zero consciousness. It is literally a bag of bones when the other bodies and strings pull away at your death, or what we should call the death of your physical body.
Diseases do not start when your physical body is ailing. You have been “sick” a long time prior to that in your other energy bodies. Your physical body is the last one to get sick. When your physical body dies, it will never be used as a vehicle or sheath again.

The bodies and consciousness
The causal body, strings and the astral body have a lot of consciousness. Even though the etheric body is made up of strings which channel your mind, it has very little consciousness. It acts as more of a silent register and master builder of your physical body. The physical body, when on its own, has no consciousness. When it is not aligned with your etheric body it feels zero sensations as when you’re are under the influence of anesthetics or in a coma.

Your causal body has the most consciousness of all. Unfortunately this very awake and wise part of you is usually not consciously available to you due to many factors.

Higgs Field
There you have the bodies and the strings, all of which function on the Higgs Field. That field has been called the etheric web, etheric field, and life web in metaphysics. The integrity of the Higgs Field in your environment is critical to the protection of your strings and bodies. Evertime there is a break in the structure the Higgs Field, a portal opens up and “things” bigger than the formed squares can now move from one dimension to another with no restraint. This is the issue with not only haunted houses but also haunted organs and haunted (possessed) individuals.

Unfortunately, today the Higgs Field has been dramatically debilitated and compromised by EMF’s radiating from cell phone towers, devices etc. exposing your assemblage and strings to invisible forces that should never have been able to reach and influence you.

In the next chapter we reveal references to the strings throughout history, with their existence documented in prayers, beliefs and cultures. Astonishingly, the strings as found throughout history not only support the most profound theory in physics, they underscore their importance in the spiritual development of mankind.
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