Calixto el Arhuaco

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Enseñanzas Arahuaco
De una sociedad que protegió su sabiduría desde que sobrevivió Atlántida y el Gran Diluvio
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 Meeting Calixto, el Arhuaco
Introduction:Meeting Calixto Suarea Villafane
2014 was a tough year for me, yet I felt I had conquered a lot of my inner demons. I was still working on my relationship with an outside world that had been very harsh to me for many years but which I wanted to reconnect to.
I was stuck, needing some answers, particularly about trust as I had decided to start trusting again. I searched inside of myself and outside in the literature on what I should do. And I also wanted to have a bigger perspective on my life.
I felt I had hit a brick wall, as there no answers that I could “trust” were to be found. So I had a conversation with my “God” and informed him that he either came down himself or sent me a person that could answer my questions. And I waited,
In May of 2014 I got an email announcing that a shaman was coming to visit South Florida. I felt instinctively that I would want to meet with him so I called Mayu Natural which is an organization run by Mario…..and said I wanted a private appointment with the shaman.
Mario offered to personally bring him to my home! What luck, but as it turned out Mario had a family emergency that interfered and he sent a close friend, Edwin Parras, a biologist that teaches in a medical program at a University in Colombia.
The minute I saw Calixto Suarez Villafane walk into my living room, I knew, it was either God, or his representative. And my instincts were right. No, it was not God but yes an incredible representative, a man of Angelic consciousness. I would later find out his intentions nicely aligned with mine: a desire to share information to help people liberate themselves from misery.
The initial meeting was frustrating as I wanted to speak privately with this obvious representative from God, but we were in a room full of people…So I set up a second meeting and promptly told the group then that I had to have some private time with Calixto because I had some questions.
When we were alone, Calixto took the lead, did not answer my questions but instead asked me a question. He asked if I wanted to work on a particular trauma in my life that is so painful I don’t even bring it up. After recuperating from the shock of him knowing about this part of my life, I agreed that would be the place to start….
Our meeting was brief but very satisfying and I wondered when I might see him next as I live in Miami and he lives in la sierra de Santa Marta. But the same as I drew him to me by intending to speak to God or a good representative, my intention to see him again was fulfilled quickly. I invited him to come to Miami to work with my clients who were thrilled to have access to a “real” shaman. He came for 10 days, and my life will never be the same because of what I learned, mainly from “listening” to what was not said, to learning how to be silent yet still communicate.
We were wrong about why they live the way they live
We think that the indigenous live so simple, sitting on the floor, sleeping on the floor or in hammocks, washing their clothes in the river, speaking little, having few possessions; we think they live like that because they are poor. We think that if they could, they would have electricity, washing machines, chairs, beds etc.
We are wrong! It is not poverty or lack of access to merchandise that has them living so simply, it is a choice based on the spiritual wisdom of the ages: if you are so entertained by the comforts of your physical body on the physical dimension, then you really do not have the time necessary to develop a full and satisfactory life on the astral dimensions where your spirit, also called your astral energy body lives.
This I learned from living with Calixto for 10 days on his first trip. We talked very little and it was a bit scary. Actually he talked not at all, I talked a lot to fill up the spaces…it was weird sitting alone with someone and there being zero exchange….I wondered if I could tolerate this for the 10 days. So I talked and talked and talked and then I got mad and decided that it was a lot of work, all that talking and no feedback so I stopped talking, or at least I tried. I am half Cuban and that half of me talks a lot….
Within several days I got used to the “no talking” and I noticed that if I asked him a question, he would not answer, he would say he was ready to go back to his room. I was puzzled as it became very clear that asking a question was a guarantee he would disappear.
But then I quieted down enough to realize he was not playing a game with me, this was how he lived. He does not speak when you ask a question, he goes away to find the answer.
I also remembered that when he left the time I met him, that night, when I went into living room, he was sitting there, staring at me. I was not afraid, as I trusted him and his physical presence was not sitting in my living room, his spirit was. It was so clear, it was beautiful! I can see spirits but never so clearly as I could see him. And he stayed in my living room for days, I think studying me. And I would stare back, not speaking to him even to ask a question.
I did not speak to his spirit body till halfway into the second trip. I was afraid to get into this lucid dreaming, that is what it is called here in the US, as I did not know how I could keep up this very close astral dimension/spirit relationship that had no boundaries and not change my relationship with him on the physical dimension.
Why they don’t have chairs or washing machines
I am not sure I should be sharing this story but maybe this is the time for all of us to know that living a simple life on the physical dimension is not just a preamble to living a more full and satisfactory spirit life, it is a requisite.
The reasons the indigenous do not have a lot of possessions and things to purposeful: they invest their energies into their spirit life, which is the part of us that is eternal that never dies….
I wrote a book I never published years ago called Where Did You Get Your Personality? It was a compilation of the unseen factors that contribute to your personality, that part of you, your behavior on the physical dimension usually played out by words or acts of your physical body. These factors include but are not limited to your astrological sign, the place you were born, spirits that attach due to traumas that break you. But your personality is not you, it is attitudes, planetary energies, spirits and more.
A more accurate representation of you is what lives on in other dimensions when your physical body dies and the traumas that you suffered through from the last lifetime or many lifetimes are cleared. That part of you is super important as it is much more in contact with your deepest intentions, the why of your existence.
You Spirit
Taking care of this part of you should be a big part of our life but unfortunately in the modern world, it is usually reserved for the 2 hours you go to church on Sunday, if you happen to be a churchgoer.
What is my point? Calixto reminded me that my astral life should be developed and my spirit would be more satisfied and I would be more fulfilled. All of this was said without words.
Calixto and I have become good friends, though in a world of hierarchy we are definitely not equal! He is teaching me about life, but our first life, our life as a spirit, rather than our second life, which is our personality.
The Watchers are people who escaped the great flood, which was a result of the Atlantis disappearance. When Atlantis sank, the waters rose…
There were people who were ready and who sold places on their ships and boats and off planet vehicles but most were like people today, dead asleep at the wheel as their car drives off the cliff, a cliff they have been warned about.
The story of noah arc is wrong; the animals became restless 48 hours prior to the explosions which started the collapse of the land that Atlantis was sitting on.
Those who were still in tune with the wisdom of the earth and the animals did what they could to get out but many were blocked by the authority hierarchy who watched them and figured out the big one was happening.
But some who had an incredible connection to their animals decided to follow the animals and that led them to safely, to small villages on the outskirts of Atlantis where there were boats and where they could negotiate a deal to use the boats. They took the animals with them for the guidance….
Some ended up in Tibet, some in La Sierra and most went to MT Kilimanjaro, where we have the core of African culture which has a lot to teach us. These survivors of the Great Flood are often called Watchers.
The name Watchers is accurate, to a point. The Watchers have their own lives and their own issues, which distort their ability to share wisdom. They have their spirit attachments and invasions and they have their anger that it is happening again.
But there was a group that refused to share their knowledge or their space with others not like them. Those who are called the Arhuaco today did not get polluted until the last several years.
Their knowledge is the cleanest and should be listened to carefully, from following the wisdom of the animals to taking advantage of the wisdom of the plants.
Separate document
Calixto past life in Atlantis before it went under…right before it went under!
My friend Calixto did have a past life in Atlantis, he had several and in Lemuria also. But I wanted to “see” what he was or did at the end. Did he know the end was coming, was he also asleep like most Atlanteans? Did he try to warn the others? Did he survive the explosions and the water?
Calixto was a renegade priest. He was associated with one of the temples on the outskirts of Atlantis, near the ring of water that protected Atlantis. He did not want to live inside the inner circle of temples as he felt they had been polluted by too much contact with humans and not enough contact with nature and the animals.
Calixto was a renegade because his heart told him at night, in whispers, that the ending was approaching but that the ending would be traumatic and not graceful as it could have been. He knew in his heart that the people were not ready for the end of that cycle and the beginning of a more simple life.
He tried to get to the people to speak to them about what his heart had whispered to him, but they were too busy with other priests that were “more important” and lived lives with luxury and a lot of crystal power.
Crystal Power
Calixto knew about crystal power but he also knew that misuse of crystals was causing a deteriorating in the mental capacities of the people. In other words, the crystal power was being misused to augment the personal power of the people who had access to the crystals.
A particular crystal that was being misused had a lot of off planet information loaded into them. The people who had access to those crystals were able to get information that was never intended to be used on Planet Earth. It was for other Planets that were more evolved, where the beings knew that excess power could bring destruction upon them.
The crystal had a name not to be revealed in this incarnation. This crystal has excellent healing powers and gives you access to information from the realm of the angels. It also augments psychic powers.
Calixto knew all about the power of the crystal as he had been on a planet that had been destroyed by excess use of the information gained from reading those crystals. He knew that if the Atlanteans did not curb their appetite for knowledge that they would not handle properly, it could bring about the destruction of the entire race.
He decided to enter the race to acquire that crystal but instead of using it to further his personal powers, he hid it from others so they could not use the crystal and further weaken the destiny of Atlantis.
Atlantis had a clear path towards its destiny when the properties of the crystal were discovered by the temples and misused. The temples were competing with each other in their discoveries of technology that were used to simplify the lives of those who lived in Atlantis. But the simplifying of life included a disconnection from the very beings that could enrich their lives: the animal kingdom and the mineral kingdom.
Calixto did not succeed in his quest to block the Atlanteans from their magic crystal. He fell into a deep depression he carries into this lifetime where he sees people who have power misusing it and walking away from a more simple life into a complex life of total disconnect from nature and its being, the spirit world and fairies.
In the end Calixto did what he could to help others to pass over into other dimensions where they could escape the horrors of the violent ending of Atlantis. He went directly into the Angelic realms, his home, and waited until this incarnation to raise his head and for the second and last time, try and direct people back to the simplicity that makes people happy, a simplicity his tribe personifies.
Who is Frances Fox?
Frances is an author who follows her innate instincts to make fascinating discoveries, which she shares with the world via her books and TV show.
She says she was hooked by the mystery that enshrouds the Colombian personality, people who love so intensely it is frightening but who can also exhibit the opposite.
Frances discovered the connection between the violence and conflict that was stirred up when Israel was made a state in April of 1947, and the Bogotaso, an event that started a cycle of deadly violence in Colombia because Colombia spiritually took on that excess negative energy. She then understood what she was instinctively looking for: an understanding of the sacred mission that is a driving force behind the Colombian character and history. At that time, in the 1990’s Frances was not aware there was more to be revealed, not just to her circle of friends but to the entire world.
She is proposing to publish a small picture book revealing the simple wisdom of survivors of the Great Flood to help guide humanity gracefully through these chaotic times.   In the book, THE WISDOM OF THE ARHUACO, you will meet Calixto Suarez Villafane, the Aruhaco who will share the wisdom of his tribe as you are bathed in the beauty of photographs of the beauty of La Sierra.

Quienes son los Arhuacos?

Acezando la sabiduría de los animales, los Arhuacos son sobrevivientes del gran diluvio, cuando murieron otros…
….Pero algunos que tenían una increíble sintonía con sus animales decidieron seguir a los animales quienes los guiaron a lugares seguros, a pueblos pequeños en las orillas de la Atlántida donde habían barcos y podían llegar a acuerdos para usar los barcos…
hubo un grupo que se negó a compartir su conocimiento o su espacio con otros que no eran como ellos. Los ahora conocidos como Arhuaco no fueron contaminados sino hasta estos últimos años.
Su conocimiento es el mas limpio y debe ser escuchado con atención, desde seguir la sabiduría de los animales hasta aprovechar la sabiduría de las plantas.

Quien es Calixto

el Arhuaco?
Calixto Suarez Villafane,   Aruhaco comparte la sabiduría de su tribu en el exterior
Calixto fue sacerdote En Atlantida
Al final de Atlántida, Calixto sabia en su corazón que las personas no estaban preparadas para el final del ciclo y el comienzo de una vida mas simple.
Ahora al final de este ciclo Calixto y los otros sacerdotes que se llaman mamos, quieren compartir la sabiduría de los Arhuacos para que el cambio de este ciclo que estamos viviendo sea sagrado.

 Enseñanza Arhuaco

La Mente
Para los Arhuacos, la mente es una herramienta importante que influye en lo que es la realidad del individuo…
Ellos saben que las cuerdas de la mente se pueden enredar, hacer nudos, enganchar….
Cuando la persona se enferma o esta infeliz, primero se pregunta porque se enfermo la persona…
El próximo paso es que buscar y zafar un “nudo” que tiene esa persona en la mente que es lo que “amarra” la enfermedad o mal estar.
 El concepto de la existencia de nudos en la mente esta en el Padre Nuestro original, pero no la traducción que nosotros conocemos.
Referencias a los nudo en el Padre Nuestro en su idioma original, el arameo

  • …desata los nudos de fracaso que nos amarran
  • Nosotros desatamos las cuerdas que sujetamos de los defectos de los demás…

Se parece a La oración del Papa Francis a
La Virgen de Desatanudos…

  • …el diablo nunca fue capaz de amárrate con confusión…
  • Desata los nudos de nuestra vida con el corazón de una madre
  • Desata los nudos y la confusión con que nuestros enemigos nos atacan


El Arhuaco sabe que ese nudo puede venir de otras vidas….

 Enseñanza Arhuaco Para el Insomnio

Primer hay que ver porque la persona no puede dormir. Si no duerme bien por molestias físicas hay que mirar eso pero si es sin molestia/dolores Calixto recomienda este ejercicio mental.

Un ejercicio para dormir mejor

cuando se acuesta a la cama hacer un recorrido mentalmente, que hiso o que paso ese día, y si todavía no tiene sueno, comenzar con el día anterior, y si no llega sueño, comenzar con dos día y sucesivamente hasta nueve días; es como poner una película para recordar sus actividad

Enseñanza Arhuaco de auto sanación

si yo siento un dolor de cabeza
primero relajarse y analizarlo a que se debe el dolor de cabeza , no entrar a atacarlo de una , porque puede ser un aviso o anuncio de algo importante, tenemos que entrar en pensar que por algo esta pasando, puede ser lo que esta viviendo en el momento, una situación, porque la mente es como la que organiza el proceso de sanaciones ,
si continua el dolor de cabeza, se sabe que la cabeza tiene que ver con el elemento aire. Entonces pensar en alimento que sea aire y poner la intención o programar pidiendo el favor al alimento que se convierta en medicina y se la come , así mismo puede ser con otro elemento o materiales como minerales o de animales