Cannabis and the Devil

Cannabis is a sacred plant that has lain dormant for over 3,500 years. Its time has come now that humans are in full battle with the devil.

The devils workshop is the human mind. The more constricted the mindstrings, the more entry points for the devil.

Cannabis is more necessary now because of the vast augmentation of radiation and toxins entering the human assemblage of bodies, including the physical body.

When the physical body ingests food out of plastics, there is a gateway opened to the devil. If the person does not continue to ingest plastics via their foods, then the nourishing and healing foods they eat will repair the “hole” left by the plastic.

Why is plastic such a “conveyor” of evil energies?

The petroleum the plastic is made of is composed of eons of layers upon layers of dead bodies of humans and animals including animals that only exist in our mythology today. Their souls were not necessarily purified because more died traumatically…

So eating foods that has been in plastic or covered by plastic means the energetic part of the plastic can transfer to the physical food simply through osmosis.

Wearing clothing made of synthetics also creates an entry way for the devil. Devil

Sleeping indoors without contract with nature also allows the devil more time to play and with less obstacles. Not honoring what the emotional/astral body needs, emotional honesty, also allows entry to that presence.


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