Ghosts: We Cannot Speak Of That…Should We Tell Them? Yes we will

spiritsThis  is about something we cannot see but that has tremendous influence on our mind. It is a factor, an invisible influence that is usually dealt with in secret, with our spiritual advisors or more often than not, not dealt with at all. That invisible factor is the first thing that Jesus Christ addressed when he gave healings. It is one of the two things that distinguish a shaman from a person in health care. It is the factor that is hidden within Chinese medicine and also Ayurveda. That factor is the reality of spirits, ghosts, entities and their ability to influence our minds and also the health of our physical bodies.

In the Bible it is said that Jesus first cast out spirits when he was to heal someone. Shamans use their knowledge of spirits and the elements to heal their people. In acupuncture:

  • The 13 Ghost Points was developed by Sun Si Miao (6th Century, around 581 A.D). The 13 Ghost points are all regular meridian points. Today, The term of 13 Ghost Points, however, is typically not included in the curriculum nor in textbooks. Those are considered as spirit points, and the term is more related to Qigong than medical practices.


 Frances is introducing a new medical model that includes this age old influence that our modern medicine ignores…