Why Birds Are Leaving

When God brought us to this planet it was with a plan. That plan
included helping the souls that chose to be here to evolve so they could
be enfolded into a bigger universe. The idea was to prime those souls
here and then mix them into a bigger scenario with other souls that were
very different.

Lunar eclipse horoscopes April 25, 2013

This may be one of the most important planetary configurations in your history. I t has to do with love and your relationships. Read below to see how it will influence your life.
You begin to recognize that people are important in your life, not just fun and connections. Your heart is opening up and it is painful, but it will be worth it!
You may feel like your heart is breaking from the pain of not having the love that you so deeply desire. Open up your arms and embrace that which you love whether it is people or processes and heal the karmic wounds that are holding you back in all areas of your life.