ADD, ADHD According to a Psychic

Astrology and ADD
The fire signs, those who are Leo, Aries and Sagittarius have more of the element of fire in the personality; it is harder for them to sit still to pay attention; a little known fact is that the element of fire brings with it the energy of anger: these fire signs are more easier triggered to being angry and therefore can tend to be more aggressive and be classified as ADHD and hyper. If an autistic child is a Capricorn he is generally more manageable than a fire sign. The difference in fire sign children and the management of them is astonishing as to the level of activity/hyperactivity

Video: Cemetery Spirits Warn About Psychic Attacks on Children

The augmentation in the number of children who are mentally ill is a situation that has everyone confused. When there is clarity there, there will be clarity on the radiation issues
Hertzian Space, the dimensions where the radiation is, should be just as important as Feng Shui.

Electro addiction

I often sketch the energies of people I take care of, especially children. Lately I have been astounded at how many of them have a severe deterioration of their right hand matrix due to the amount of hours they hold a microwave driven cell phone and/or electronic game in that hand. The congestions and loss of protection I am now seeing is a preamble to the deformation of their physical hands, and I believe that we will soon see a severe deterioration in their bone structure by the time they are young adults.

Video: Remote Viewing Suicide

Frances remote views a suicide and finds a common theme: the person who is suicidal is dealing with a transference of negative energies called miasma from others, in addition to their own depression and desire to die.
It is critical to purify the environment where you live and work and particularly where you sleep so your and your family do not recycle each others’ emotions.