Animal Wisdom

Puerto Rico 2013 Invasion of Spiritual Virus

The issue of separateness is repeated frequently when people talk about Puerto Rico. Why is it so huge an issue?
Puerto Rico is one of the few places on Planet Earth where the Golden Age energies enter. The off planet forces are aware that if humans are awake and aware and hold hands on the issues confronting them now, the process of evolving and reuniting with God, they would achieve that goal rather easily. If humans expend their energies in lack of trust, paranoia, and isolation, it will be much harder to achieve that goal.

Hurricane Katrina Speaks: Shamanism

New Orleans is a city built on swamp land. That means it is built on top of wetlands that Mother Earth uses as cemeteries…..
As I watch the news of the lawlessness in New Orleans, I know that an unseen factor in the behaviors, now and through the coming months, will be deeply influenced by the lost spirits that inhabit that area. We are all familiar with the horror movies often depicted in swamps…we never wondered if there was any truth to the “darkness” of those settings…there is

Are You a Dolphin Inside a Human Body?

33% of Humans on Planet Earth have Dolphin consciousness flowing through their strings….
Some Dolphin consciousness entered the physical bodies of what we call Dolphins…but some entered the physical bodies we call “humans”
Are you a Dolphin, or its buddy, a Whale? And what does that mean for you? How can it help you to understand yourself and your choices in