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Huracán Irma Habla

Irma Habla
Venimos en paz mientras ustedes hacen la guerra. Establecemos la oportunidad para que el vecino ayude al vecino, no construimos muros entre las personas y no enviamos personas a lugares que no conocen. No respetamos los territorios ni los límites, ya que cuando Dios estableció el planeta Tierra para los humanos, no tenía la intención de que se separaran.

We Spoke to Hurricane Joaquin

We feel like we have not been listened to. The issue of worldwide abuse of the elements has now turned into a conversation. The people who are aware of what humans have done to hurt the elements are proud they do not close their eyes to the issue, but too many of those same people do not do anything to correct the abuse.
Why do you continue to build on the coastlines? Why are poor people denied access to beaches and shoreline? Why have you not leaned from the past?

Why Sharks Attack

If shark experts are asked, they will say that sharks get a “look in their eyes” when they get ready to attack. That is the same as a human who is getting ready to kill another human. Their look changes…