Horoscopes June 5, 2017 Aliens Revealed

Just as the ET’s are fighting in other dimensions around Planet Earth, they will now start to fight on the physical dimension on Planet Earth. Each piece of news you hear that sounds weird or confusing, ask yourself if it is possible it is ET’s waging war against each other or against you. If you are willing to ask that question you will have moved even deeper into your mastery of your life on Planet Earth at a time when being a victim will severely handicap you.

Mercury Retrograde

Where do the bodies hide in between lives?
This question is of vast importance as it is the reason people keep a lot of their characteristics lifetime to lifetime.
The planet energies are part of what is captured and drawn into the top of the funnel of your causal body, the intentional body. The Chinese would call it heaven energy and they are right, as most consider the planets to be part of heaven.

Mixing of Species with Humans: Star Wars?

February 14th will be the date the underworld is released onto the physical dimension. When the oil accident in the Gulf of Mexico opened up the underworld to our influence, it was a shock to the beings that inhabit that world. After the 14th it will be a shock to us when they overrun our world.
What can we expect will happen? It is already happening in the other dimensions and noticed by those who are considered “psychic” and “sensitives”. We can expect our sleep to be even more disturbed our children to become more anxious and our human relations to become even more confusing and frustrating.