A new type of autism

Autism is a shut down of part of the mind in order to block receiving more information, such as people talking, emotions generated by a caretaker or parent, wandering spirits, cell phone frequencies, wireless microwave frequencies, etc. Autism is a type of shock state. When you are involved in an accident or witness something horrifying, your mind protects you by shutting down so that you cannot continue to be harmed by sensory input. At that point you cannot relate well to the outside environment. Little by little you come out of the state of shock, once again receiving information via your senses. If you die before coming out of the shock, you are not reborn autistic.

Electro addiction

I often sketch the energies of people I take care of, especially children. Lately I have been astounded at how many of them have a severe deterioration of their right hand matrix due to the amount of hours they hold a microwave driven cell phone and/or electronic game in that hand. The congestions and loss of protection I am now seeing is a preamble to the deformation of their physical hands, and I believe that we will soon see a severe deterioration in their bone structure by the time they are young adults.