Video: Remote Viewing Suicide

Frances remote views a suicide and finds a common theme: the person who is suicidal is dealing with a transference of negative energies called miasma from others, in addition to their own depression and desire to die.
It is critical to purify the environment where you live and work and particularly where you sleep so your and your family do not recycle each others’ emotions.

Galactic Spirits

At this time in the history of Planet Earth there is a furious battle between light and dark in the other dimensions and the kids are very much a part of it. Their interest in Star Wars, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Harry Potter, all the electronic games where they have super powers to fight off weird invaders are symbolic of what they are actually trying to do in the other dimensions.

France Bans Wi-Fi from Schools

….you can imagine how thrilled I was to hear that France made a move to remove Wi-Fi radiation from their schools. On March 19, the French National Assembly passed an amendment to ban Wi-Fi in their schools until its proven “safe for human consumption.” Instead, they agreed to install far saver, wired Ethernet cable connections.

Stop Wireless in Schools and More

.International Doctors´ Appeal 2012 Germany
Ten years ago, physicians of the Freiburg Appeal called on their colleagues, the public, and the politicians and health officials in charge because they were deeply concerned about the health of their fellow citizens. This Doctors´Appeal, in which they strongly warned about the dangers of wireless radiation, was translated into many languages and supported by more than 1000 physicians and more than 36,000 people worldwide.
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The Harmful Effects of Cell Towers and Cell Phones

A German study by a team of local medical doctors with data from over 10 years, discovered a threefold increase in new malignancies in people living up to 400 meters from a tower after five years exposure when compared to people living further away in the same town. (The Naila Study 2004). A report in 2006 by the head of The Cancer Registry in Berlin, Roland Stabenow, informed the residents that there is an increase of sevenfold in breast cancer in their area with cellular towers. A small study by General Practitioners at the Kaplan Medical Centre, Israel, discovered a fourfold increase in cancer within 350 meters after long term exposure to a cell tower and a ten fold increase specifically in women (Journal of Cancer Prevention 1-2, April 2004). On a positive note, the Athens Appeals Court ruled in 2006, that ten cell towers were ordered for removal, considered to pose a threat to public health.