Even though as parents, we are theoretically not grabbing at our children, when we pay attention to them, energetically, it is a grabbing or an attachment. If our lives are not clear and full of joy, if our aura is congested with negative emotions and thoughts, we are energizing our children with our negativity.
The lack of information that we have about the power of our thoughts has been a critical component of the misery that too many of us live.

Gaming and Attention Difficulties

“It is possible that electronic media use can impair attention necessary for concentration even as it enhances the ability to notice and process visual information,” Gentile said.
Understanding some of the environmental influences that video gaming may have on attention and impulsivity can help develop more effective solutions for children and parents, the authors said.

It Is Not Stress, It Is Radiation That Is Making You Sick!

Fourteen years ago not one of the 33 typical, healthy people had any trace of electromagnetic static in their auras/energy bodies. Today, of all the people I have sketched, only one was not full of electrical static, an adult male who is retired and spends his day working in the yard.
Kids today, March 2011
The really bad news is that this week I was watching a karate class of kids ranging from ages 3 to 9. Every single one of them had that black spiraling around the right side of their heads. I am not sure yet what that is, but I can guarantee it is not good.

You may be raising a little Buddha!

I was on the Rocio show and the topic of discussion was the Indigo child. I was a guest along with a scientist and two mothers with their very special children. The scientist was not talking about the concept of Indigo so much as laughing at the thought that today’s children are “different”. The discussion was intense, with each mother telling of their child’s exceptional abilities. I was offering what my experiences were with the children of this era.