Mantras For Kids and Surrogate Mantras

Believe it or not, mantras can be done surrogate, for others. You already know that thoughts and emotions transfer from mind to mind. That is the basis for a lot of what you feel during your day. That transference of emotions and thoughts is one of the big issues today. As the “world as we know it” appears to be in chaos and breaking down, the transference of the lack of faith and confidence is a very real issue.

You Need A Strong Aura Today

Bottom line, adults also have weaker auric protection due to electronics, microwave, etc. allowing the penetration and entry of energies that would normally be stopped by a strong aura. The adults are much more invaded, particularly by people that pay attention to them, such as a committed spouse. That attention now penetrates the aura of the person who is being paid attention to. The aura of the person is being pierced by the attention, allowing a funneling of the energy of the other person. That energy is usually depression. If this continues we will all become massively depressed very, very soon.

Your Little Buddha! Indigo Or Crystal Child?Indigo/ Crystal Children – Is your child an Indigo or Crystal Child?

The challenge for the parents and caretakers is to fill the needs of the child in a society that does not recognize their needs. I am told that in the Eastern culture many of these children would be considered mystical and spiritual, and I believe that is the case. But…in this part of the world, being mystical and spiritual is usually reserved for when you are in church and on Sundays, not the behavior teachers nor the government want during the school day. So it is up to the parents to take care of the specials needs of the child, to incorporate the values of these “new” children and to change their lives to adapt to what will help the child evolve into the evolved adults we want them to be.Pay Attention, you may be raising a little Buddha!