Electro stress

Suicide or Spirit Attack or Both?

I was looking at the body of the young man in the casket from across the room as I had already stood in front of the casket earlier in the evening. I was shocked and then puzzled to see that the dead body had a spirit on top of it, choking it! The color of the spirit was red (astral particles of anger), which means the spirit was angry. The enraged spirit was trying to choke the life out of the already dead body of the young man!
Is it possible that the mental state of this attached spirit was such that it did not know the young man was already dead? Was the spirit so severely disassociated while “just following instructions” from a higher up authority and did not have the sense to stop when the “mission” was accomplished?

Japan, Law of Attraction and Radiation

I know Japan did not “purify” the trauma of the radiation issues…I know they did not do Purification Mantras or spirit release therapy to clear the aura/mind of their country and its citizens of the traumas due to the radiation. Japan still has a deep rooted impression on its national collective aura/mind because of the radiation. That deep rooted impression is called a vasana, and it is the basis for the Law of Attraction.
The current issues with the nuclear reactor have triggered the sleeping vasana, and it is now active,

Electroaddiction: A Path to Self Destruction

Our matrix is being fried because of electromagnetic pollution; our planet is being fried because of pollution. The same issue, an excess of the fire element, is causing the same problem. Never did I imagine that the destruction of the matrix was part of the global warming issues. Now it is so obvious and simple, and yet we appear to be unable to get off the path of self-destruction.