Spirits Attack Children at Night

Many small children are under psychic, spirit attack when they wake up in the middle of the night screaming. Yes, their stomachs are upset; yours would be too if you were being injured and afraid I believe that these attacks are designed to break down the consciousness and aura of the child (and also the parents) and when that objective is met, the attacks stop. The entities have broken the child’s aura and now have a home inside the child’s energy system. (Please refer the Webster definition of attack at the beginning of this article)

Galactic Spirits

At this time in the history of Planet Earth there is a furious battle between light and dark in the other dimensions and the kids are very much a part of it. Their interest in Star Wars, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Harry Potter, all the electronic games where they have super powers to fight off weird invaders are symbolic of what they are actually trying to do in the other dimensions.

Life Mysteries Revealed by Remote Viewer Frances Fox

With this discovery Frances found the answers to many questions even our religions have been unable to answer. Here is a list of some of what you will learn in this seminar as a result of Frances’ research.
This seminar will answer these age-old questions….
Does your astral body have a secret life?
Why protecting your bedroom and bed while you are sleeping is so important.
How you can alter your mind with mental yoga
Why yoga works
Why putting your cell phone between your legs while you drive is so damaging to your bank account.
Why the four elements are important for the health of your physical body and mind
What is the mind body connection
What stress does to the mind that can be a preamble to disease
Where past lives are registered on the mind
How past lives can influence your health