Creating Reality

Puerto Rico 2013 Invasion of Spiritual Virus

The issue of separateness is repeated frequently when people talk about Puerto Rico. Why is it so huge an issue?
Puerto Rico is one of the few places on Planet Earth where the Golden Age energies enter. The off planet forces are aware that if humans are awake and aware and hold hands on the issues confronting them now, the process of evolving and reuniting with God, they would achieve that goal rather easily. If humans expend their energies in lack of trust, paranoia, and isolation, it will be much harder to achieve that goal.

How We Create Spirits and Reality With Our Minds

Reality is created by energizing thought forms with attention and breath
In order to show you the power of images and your power over them, I need to tell you a story. Years ago I moved into a new home. It was on a property that was overgrown with trees and plants. The day of the move I had friends over and it was very community and fun. But when nighttime fell and all my friends left, I felt a sense of aloneness. It was pitch dark outside my windows as the foliage overshadowed the streetlights. I went to bed, thankful I had a new, dog called Smokie.

Crear Un Futuro Prospero

¿Cual es la diferencia entre desear un futuro prospero y crear un futuro prospero? Adentro de nosotros tenemos un poder, que casi se puede decir que es una magia, que Dios nos dio. Esa magia se logra con una herramienta llamada mente. que si aprendemos como usarla, podemos ser maestros de nuestra vida, y no victima de circunstancias.