Creating Reality

Atlantis Here We Come, Again?

But I remember what was revealed during the sessions. The people in Atlantis “knew” that they were going to be wiped out, devastated, that their lives would never be the same due to some type of “ending”. Yet they walked around calmly, continuing their lives with no adjustment to the reality that they “knew” was coming at them!

Past Lives

Now the boundary of time will collapse, cease to exist, so that if you want to start and finish a book in a day, you can if you truly intend that.
Intention will determine everything. Intention will determine your reality now, not later. Intention will dominate everything.

Use Frances Fox Mental Yoga to Create Your Reality

What blocks you from mastering of your life? What can help you to achieve your intentions so that you end up exactly where you want? What is the role of your mind in this process we call creation? How do you keep a state of mind that ensures you are living as you intend? Today it is hard to imagine you can beat the overwhelming odds that appear to face you, yet great men throughout history have taught that your mind create reality.

The Power of the Images in the Youtube Video that Incited the Violence in the Mid East

th eOn Sunday, December 26th there was an earthquake in Indonesia. I had said several months back that there was a potential for a “happening” in Indonesia. At that time I felt it would be a bomb. That did not happen, thank God. I did at that time notice that the grid in Indonesia was in a bad state, almost broken. To me that explained the potential for a bad “happening” there. The grid is part of a system that creates order and also protects Earth and humans. With that system in a bad state, almost anything can happen.

How We Create Spirits and Reality With Our Minds

Reality is created by energizing thought forms with attention and breath
In order to show you the power of images and your power over them, I need to tell you a story. Years ago I moved into a new home. It was on a property that was overgrown with trees and plants. The day of the move I had friends over and it was very community and fun. But when nighttime fell and all my friends left, I felt a sense of aloneness. It was pitch dark outside my windows as the foliage overshadowed the streetlights. I went to bed, thankful I had a new, dog called Smokie.

What you Should Focus on in 2012.

2012 is predicted to be the most important year in written human history so it is not a year to mentally wander or postpone decisions. These 2012 horoscopes are for your inner development and evolution. Even if 2012 is drowning in a wave of natural catastrophes and bloodshed as predicted, it is your inner development and relations with the rest of humanity that will determine the ease in which you finish your karmic cycle on Planet Earth.