Talisman for Protecion

Labradorite Talisman
You need protection from spirits when you visit places that are particularly susceptible to spirit invasion. That includes places where people are very sick or have died, such as funeral homes, hospitals, nursing homes and cemeteries. When you must go to a place of this nature, make sure you use all of your Labradorite Talisman to protect your aura against invading spirits looking for a new host.

Mantras For Impotence, Frigidity

Many men and women come into a sexual act fearing they will be unable to fully perform. Women are afraid they will not be able to orgasm and men are afraid of being “impotent” or of “sinning” with premature ejaculation. For these issues I recommend the mantras. below. They work, truly! You will see the difference and your partner will notice it too. Start doing the mantras, silently of course, when you know you are going to have sex or might have sex.

Sex and Kundalini

Your second, sexual chakra is God’s energy
The second (sexual) chakra is the only chakra has that some of God’s energy, pure and undiluted. It can manifest as God can. It can have a child, as God does. It is also the seat of the energy of joy, something very diminished on the planet today. The location of these two energies, manifestation and joy, in the second chakra, is the reason why the second chakra, which everyone associates with sex, is so attacked.

Dolphin "Opinions", Not Mine!

I had “lost” this book proposal, Conversations with The Dolphins, years ago, only to find it today. I offer it now, though I know it is late. But as my friends in the animal kingdom told me after Hurricane Katrina, “it is late, but it is not too late”.
I am not responsible for the “opinions” of the Dolphins, though I must say I feel a lot “looser” after reading them because, darn, they make a lot of sense! Argue with them and they change the subject…The document still needs corrections but I could not wait a minute longer to get it to you!

Feeling Sexy… Could it be the Coconut?

Beware of the energy of Coconut. It will take you by surprise…
The scent of coconut will always remind us of carefree times. It brings fun, joy and play into the spaces. And, more importantly, it is a natural aphrodisiac that creates a vibration that is compatible with prosperity!