Mantras For Your Sex Life

A mantra can be defined as a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that are considered capable of creating transformation. In other words, a mantra is a “device” or “tool” that liberates the mind, creating a healing process. There are many types of mantras, many are centuries old, and all of them work.

Videos on Sex

Sexual Hang-ups [youtube][/youtube]   Your Car and Your Sexuality [youtube][/youtube]    

Sexual Vampires

We lock our doors at night to be protected, but we have not known enough to set up protection for our sex life. Because of our lack of awareness of their influence, we do not purify our bedrooms and beds of bad energy. Case in point: Did you clear your bed of your last sexual partner? Did you clear out the energies of insecurity when your mate struggled to get an erection? Did you clear your bed and bedroom of your exhaustion from overwork?

Sex Drive, Gays, Bisexuality

Sex corrects that most famous “cut” that God made when man arrived on the Planet. Sex corrects the division between male and female energies, regardless of what bodies they run through. Sex is very important to human evolution because until that most famous “cut” is corrected, there will be no return to God.

Blocked Intention to Get Married

This is what I usually “see” when I remote view a singles persons’s intention to get married. The person’s intention is blocked by their unresolved issues with the opposite sex. But what is really funny is that when I sketch their aura, they do not deny they feel that way. They just have a hard time accepting that these “feelings” could be the reason they are still single.

Death and Dying: Influence of the spirit world

I had a radio show where people called in. This particular Sunday a woman called asking about her health; she has a heart condition. I always look for the original injury, the generator of the issue, in this case the why she had a heart condition..
I usually sketch something I see in the caller’s energy field while I talk to them on the radio. In her case I sketched what you see below. I was intrigued. I asked her if she ever been caught in a crisis between two men. Intuitively I knew that two men were paying too much attention to her and each trying to control her.