Create a Sacred Home

You sex life is handled by the left wall of your home. It is ¾ of the way up the wall. That area is associated with your throat charka, which is the biggest block to sex today. The throat chakra is the chakra that handles communications. The addiction to cell phones and texting is exhausting the throat chakra and debilitating the sex chakra under the navel.

Sex with a Spirit

This type of trauma leaves the person very vulnerable to injury, such as the heart condition and spiritual injuries, such as depression. She said her husbands’ spirit was often by her side and even continued to have sex with her. She was in her sixties…

Sex and Spirituality

Men want independence because they feel they will lose their individuality by uniting with God/woman, and women think God/men will abandon them so they do not want to unite with men to avoid that pain. The battle between male and female is a symptom of human trauma of separation from God.

Frances Remote Views Prehistoric Romeo and Juliet

It was a very sad and romantic way to die for lovers…It will be interesting to see if the science of this discovery validates the blow to the back of her head or neck. I do not remember the sequence of events in Romeo and Juliet but it would be interesting if there are some similarities to the sequence of injuries.