The Dolphins Talk About Sex and the Mind

Human history would be different if mankind had understood the importance of sex, the act of sex and the lack of sex. There is never too much sex if the heart is connected during the event of sex. When the heart is connected, within the person and open to the partner, there is no sexual excess. There is no excess because there is a balance, within the heart and mind of the person and within the activities in the person’s life.

Soak in Sacred Salt and get ready for great sex!

Frances Fox Sacred Salt™eliminates anger, irritation, and tiredness so you can go into sex without holding back on the fun! It helps you reach the heights of pleasure with your partner (without having the memory of that ex you just can’t seem to forget). It is also ideal when used as a “limpia,” doing away with all those nasty spirits and energies that have the habit of attaching to us.