Spirits Haunting

Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis is when the person takes their assemblage of bodies and moves them away from the physical, leaving the physical body paralyzed because the etheric body is not vitalizing it. When the individual gets mauled, which is what usually happens in sleep paralysis, the individual starts to wake up in their assemblage, but not quick enough to stop anything.

Sexual Vampires!

Vampire Prevention!
Please dont allow this information to stop you from having sex. If you find that the people you meet have really big problems, assess whether it is really worth it to you to “connect” and live those problems for the next 12 years! And be careful about pointing fingers or blaming, because they too will be “carrying” you for a long time.

Spirits in Hospitals

I am sad to report that if you could see what I see, you would insist that the conditions under which your child be born be very different than the delivery section of your hospital. To deliver a child in the same, sick building that old and ill people inhabit while they are dying does not make any sense,