A Planetary Cycle is Coming to an End 2012

You are a God, though other Gods would tell you different. You are a master, though your masters would hide that from you. You are a king though other kings would deny it. But you do not believe in yourselves, you continue to hear what others want you to hear, and that leads you down the path of Atlantis, not the Golden Age.

Collapse of Traditional Astrology?

Banks are collapsing, countries are collapsing, institutions are collapsing, all signs that we are in the middle of a paradigm shift. Who would have guessed that the paradigm shift would include the collapse of traditional astrology? The Internet is buzzing with people trying to make sense of the news that there is a new zodiac sign: Ophiuchus. A lot of people are worried about how this new zodiac sign is going to affect their destiny. And who is there to trust about what to do about the news that you may no longer be what you thought you were: a Virgo, a Taurus, etc?
You don’t have that problem with the Frances Fox’s Dolphin Horoscopes.

Prophesy of the Dying Blackbirds

The species that are disappearing due to weather changes and the encroachments of highways and modern ways are a sign that we are damaging our environment enough to harm them. But the real message is that the damage will eventually reach humans. Now it has and the swiftness with which these fish and birds died are indicators of the swiftness of the approaching dangers to the lives of humans.


Salt Lamps are used to clean up other dimensional damage and help clear electrosog within your home. Place one next to your bed since your mind needs extra protection while you sleep. A salt lamp can help with insomnia, nightmares or even psychic attacks. It will reduce the stress of the workday so you can relax enough to go to sleep.