Create a Sacred Home

You sex life is handled by the left wall of your home. It is ¾ of the way up the wall. That area is associated with your throat charka, which is the biggest block to sex today. The throat chakra is the chakra that handles communications. The addiction to cell phones and texting is exhausting the throat chakra and debilitating the sex chakra under the navel.

Panic Attacks, Immigration and Shame

People who have panic attacks are changing their relationship to their spirit attachments. We mean to say that when a person changes frequency because they have cleaned something out of their aura, the spirit puts up a fight in the expectation that they will create enough emotional issues that the person will “break” again and the spirit is then guaranteed a home. People with ongoing panic attacks are in a process of trying to not accept a negative vibration, the spirit, and the spirit or spirits are trying to stay attached

Chaos Or The Golden Age?

Your emotional body leads you astray. Your mental body twists things in your head. It is your soul, your causal body that creates reality. Get past the emotions, don’t deny them. Get past the thoughts, don’t control them, and find your true self, the part of you that can find that path to the Golden Age. It is time, the time is now.

Collapse Of Time-Prophesy

the reason time will collapse is that it is no longer necessary. The Law of Intention and the Law of attraction will determine reality totally. In other words, Intention and the law of magnetic resonance, The Law of Attraction, have created realities within certain boundaries of time and space and others that we will not speak of.
Now the boundary of time will collapse, cease to exist, so that if you want to start and finish a book in a day, you can if you truly intend that.