There was no karma in Lemuria, just existence, beingness. This is where the veils were placed. These are the reasons for the problems on this planet. It’s the lack of access between the male and the female, between the black and the white, between the light and the dark, what divides us and separates us from others. The Orions had a lot of power and they changed the rules on the planet. They were jealous of the fluidity of our lives and they couldn’t understand it.

Why The Secret May Not Work For You

Our minds are being weakened because of our addictions, from electroaddiction the the radiation from our microwave driven devices and our electrical wiring, to our addiction to negative images from television. . Our focus has been devastated by our addiction to multitasking and multi focus habits. It is really that simple.

Business Spiritual Pollution

If you have unresolved depression from your past, it is in your aura, and this will be drawn to you and you will be more depressed. If your business is depressed in sales, or the sales people, executives or workers are depressed due to work related issues or issues from home, then that pollution of depression will be drawn towards your business. Get the picture?

Wako Texas Aura

I continued to “read”, to see if there were other issues. I asked if he lived in a town or city where there had been a tragedy, a war, in the northwest section of town/city. He said yes, he lived in Waco, Texas and the tragedy had happened in the section of town I identified. I could see a black and grey cloud over that part of the city, and I knew it was a major part of the person’s depression and lack of vitality.

You Need A Strong Aura Today

Bottom line, adults also have weaker auric protection due to electronics, microwave, etc. allowing the penetration and entry of energies that would normally be stopped by a strong aura. The adults are much more invaded, particularly by people that pay attention to them, such as a committed spouse. That attention now penetrates the aura of the person who is being paid attention to. The aura of the person is being pierced by the attention, allowing a funneling of the energy of the other person. That energy is usually depression. If this continues we will all become massively depressed very, very soon.

Medicine and Intention

You know the moral of the story: there is not a simple plant on the planet that does not have an intention to heal something. This story brings us back to the importance of the intention in the medicines you take.