Coyote Speaks About California

June 6, 2006

I would like to speak to coyote. Coyote, we would like to honor your knowledge and your abilities to detect danger. Will you speak to me?

Yes, we will talk to you now. You are ready and we are pleased to be the first of the messages you will relay.

We want to know about the fault line in California. It seems it is a danger to people. The potential for many to die is an issue. We don’t know what to do or to think.

We wish to speak of other things first. Mankind has reached a fork in the road. And man’s ability to change quickly and to be able to “smell” the wind of change is important. We know that these words have no meaning for most. But we say these words in the hope that they will be listened to. The fault line that runs through southern California is a dangerous fault. And there is a lot of anger that has congested over the fault line. Many people in California have the danger of avarice, the wanting of more than they truly need. Ostentatious behavior and acquisitions are making the fault line weak.


In the acquiring and desiring of acquiring, there is a change in the balance of elements. The element of earth, of material possessions becomes dominant, and water and wind and fire diminish in importance. And notice that the possessions, while earth because of the physical nature of them, are not living earth. And that is a second problem. There is the element of earth, but not living earth, but dead earth. Wooden possession came from live trees that were killed to create an object. Sand is used to make concrete and is killed in the process of being frozen into a concrete structure.

Movement is important in the human body. The movement if liquids, of blood of bile, the free movement maintains health. When human beings accumulate “things”, there is no longer free movement of the elements. That creates a state of ill health. Southern California is not healthy. That lack of movement, that lack of health leaves Southern California vulnerable not only to earthquakes but to fires.

 Ok, but, can we be specific to dates…?

Watch for additional movies that promote accumulation of wealth, such as the last movie that was a blockbuster. If there is an additional movie that promotes physical wealth and beauty versus naturalness, the California will be in imminent danger of losing its coastline.

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