Dolphin Prophecies 1996


 Dolphin Prophecies 1996



Note from Frances: These are exact words from the Dolphin in 1996. I would ask  a question or ask what they wanted to say and then I would repeat their words into a tape recorder.  I did not believe any of their messages at that time.

From the book The Gods Speak: Dolphin Wisdom Revealed by frances fox available on Amazon in English and as a free ebook on this site

“It will be a rough passage between what is structured now, the de-structuring process and what will be in the future.  But the violence that is experienced in the world today should indicate to all that there is a dramatic need to return to different values. 

Violence as exhibited by human beings is a scream for help and a reaction against what is not normal, what does not feel well.  In that sense people that are violent are being more true to their internal processes.

Children will save the world.  Not necessarily children chronologically, but people who keep child-like qualities.  A child will act out his feelings.  If he is bothered by someone, he will scream at him or hit him, and if he loves someone, he will touch them and try to be close. 

Those are the characteristics that all should adhere to.  It is the repressing of basic, very real emotions that creates the violent outbreaks.  People who have misunderstood emotions do not allow for anger.  They put the responsibility of processing anger on other people.  Those who act violently are carrying not only their inner violence and feeling, but also those of society in general. 

We abhor violence but to the extent that it is real, we need to accept it.  When what  a person who is called   a “good” person does not act out their true feelings, they are contributing to violence, not necessarily in their own home but in society in general.  Because of the principal of balance, it is of critical importance that people become aware of their feelings, acknowledge them, work through them, and process them.

We understand that these rules that the Planet is living under appear not to be correct, but they are the rules.  If we look at children you will see what human beings are supposed to be like on the Planet, particularly new-born.  When you look at an adult, what you are seeing is what structures of society have done to human beings. Children can save the world, but only if we allow them to be children.


The Breakdown of Society
October 8, 1996

 The breakdown of society would tremendously benefit the evolution of mankind because man would have to turn to himself for survival and in turning to himself he would find himself to be very powerful. He would also find himself closer to the source of what many of you in physicality call God.

 There are so many truths in the universe and in physicality and yet one only needs to look within to find all of them. No one individual or group has the ability to know the truth better than any other group. It is in the searching that these truths are found and they are to be found everywhere.

 When you get members of society sublimating their individuality and their wants and needs for the group process, nature is generally not honored and many times, particularly in the latter years of written human history, harmed.

 We are suggesting a de-structuring of the world as we know it.”

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