Cannabis: Dolphins Discuss Cannabis

Dolphins Discuss  Cannabis

March 18, 2014

Cannabis and disease

Cannabis can cure many diseases that are associated with soul dissatisfaction. In other words, the diseases that have to do with a soul not having its spiritual needs met, can be cured ultimately with Cannabis.

There are diseases that are not curable with Cannabis such as Alzheimer’s, dementia and all severe disassociation. In those diseases the person chooses not to continue to seek to satisfy its soul, so it shuts down the opportunities to evolve. In that cases Cannabis will only make the disease worse.

But aren’t all diseases due to some aspect of disassociation?

Yes but in terms of breath, not in terms of a mental decision that is consciously irreversible.

Cannabis can relieve the pain of many emotional reactions so the Mindstrings let go and the mind gets relief. If too much Cannabis is used it is not good, as then the end intention is not to feel at all, which is not the reason humans have emotions. They have emotions so that the feelings tell the person what they like/don’t like or need to move closer to or move away from.

Too much Cannabis can avoid the opportunity those emotions

Cannabis was not known throughout the centuries but in certain parts of the world. The indigenous know its value if used wisely and is introduced early in the life of a young soul, prior to age 14.

Cannabis and children

Age 14 sets in place many thoughts and emotions that could be shaken off with early use of Cannabis. The Jews have their Bah Mitzvahs to help protect the child from the freezing of traumas that occur 7 months after the 14th birthday.

Very nice to be able to have the astral body set in concrete at age 14 with a lot of the childhood traumas softened or released. Is that what you are saying?

Yes, it should be incorporated into the rituals of childhood and entering into man/woman hood and it would really change society at large. It would also reduce the desire to buy and own things, which will not work if you seek to sustain a consumer economy.

I can see the implications for industry

That is why it is prohibited, as Cannabis users are not good consumers or soldiers.

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