Dolphins Speak About Turkey and End Times


Turkey and End Times

January 6, 2012 Frances speaks to the Dolphins

Dear Dolphins, we have a lot of visitors to our Facebook page who are from Turkey. Do you have a message for them?


Turkey is a key player in end times. Turkey has sacred energy. It is totally Dolphin territory; the Pleiades shine its light very brightly there. Sex has been restricted but other than that, they live the energies of community and holding human relations and human feelings in high regard.

Turkey will be a key player in holding back destructive energies in the next couple of weeks. The mantra for people in Turkey or associated with the violence that is building in that area of the world is:

Please God help us with our intention to seal the aura again.

Turkey had a break in their aura 2 ½ years ago and there was so much prayer that it repaired.

The people of Turkey knew a dark energy was descending on their country and in their homes. They detected it, it was openly discussed in their places of worship and they prayed for help to be protected from those energies. And it worked.

Now it is happening again but there are even more invasive forces.

There is a reason Turkey needs to be supported in its quest to maintain peace. Turkey sits on top of a civilization that similar to the Mayans, had figured out how to maintain peace in the middle of a Planet full of war.

That civilization held the energy of peace for hundreds of years and allowed the Planet to evolve. It held back the energy of violence so that people around the globe could take the time to breath, think and work towards their intentions.

Now again, the Planet needs time to breath, think and work towards its intentions. But this time it will be more difficult because of the forces from outside the Planet.

And this time we cannot go underground to hide.