Earthquakes, New York

Written 9-20-2001
9/20/2001 a new fault line in earth crust that includes New York and London at the Etheric level due to the violence exhibited prior to attack on New York and the violent reaction to the attack on New York.  It should not be felt on the physical level till 4-6 weeks after the date of its completion, the morning of the 19th. But a fault line is not necessarily an earthquake so I don’t know at what point that fault line will become an issue putting peoples’ lives in peril.  I do think that if I loved anyone who lived in the New York area I would tell him or her to start making arrangements to move to no longer live there.
When this fault line moves and we have earthquakes I believe it will cause a continental drift and a part of the United States will separate from Canada. A deep gorge will exist between Canada and the United States and it will be filled with water. I keep remembering those maps a lot of doomsayers and prophets had years ago that predicted earth changes that were supposed to happen years ago and they never did. Perhaps more of that is going to happen than we would care to think about.
10/27/ 2001 there was an earthquake near New York City.
It registered 2.6 in magnitude. It happened four and a half weeks after September 19th, 2001 the day the new fault line was formed due to the emotional violence before and after the September 11th attack. That day there were earthquakes in London, Afghanistan and New York within hours each other:
10/27/2001 05:42 40.76N 73.98 W an earthquakes of 2.6 magnitude in New York
10/27/2001 19:30 36.10N 70.54E an earthquake of 5.1 magnitude in Afghanistan
10/28/2001 16:25 52.85 0.86 an earthquake of 4.1 of magnitude in United Kingdom
While surfing the Internet for information on that earthquake, I found that there was another earthquake in the upper east side of Manhattan on January 17th, 2001.  I perceived that the emotional violence that caused that earthquake happened four and a half weeks earlier.  That was when our nation was divided in the aftermath of a no conclusive election that elicited a lot of anger and rage (emotional violence that was repressed).  It was the week that Gore conceded defeat and accepted Bush as the elected president, an event that most assuredly caused half of the country to repress their feelings that their vote was thrown out and that the presidency was not held by a duly elected person.  Our country was divided as never before.
Summer of 2004 aura in Indonesia broken allowing for a potential disaster. Many people around the world predicted there would be a disaster that year
12/26/2004 earthquake in Indonesia, tsunami, thousands die
12/2/2005 protective and restraining grids between the physical dimension and the last four dimensions of the astral planes will be lifted (definition of the word apocalypse: to reveal, to unveil); the last four levels of the astral dimensions have been described as similar to descriptions of hell, purgatory