Handicapped Children and Spirits

I debated whether to include this information in this book. My decision was to include it, as it is too important to omit. This is not the place to go into depth about spirit attachments and children with handicaps. But this I will say: when I first started my practice, I worked with a lot of handicapped children.  I was astounded to find that many of them were handicapped or could not heal because of negative entity attachments.

I found that if the parents did not address the entity issue, I could not help the child to heal. And if the parents dealt with the attachment/possession issues through spirit release therapy, the child improved. I also found that too many children were severely and strangely ill because of attachments and possessions they picked up during their birth. The spirits were there looking for a new home or host, and attached to the child. When you get an attachment so early on in age, it appears to be hard to develop normally.

I struggled to get the parents to cooperate as most did not believe that spirits existed, contrary to what their religions taught them. I finally resorted to playing a game with them. I would ask the parents if their child was a really good kid. They would almost always answer with an enthusiastic “yes”. And then I would ask if the child would ever go into rages, and if his face changed in the process. And they would enthusiastically exclaim, “Yes, yes, it is almost as if he was another person.” I would then and inform them that their child had spirit attachment that took over the child’s body during the rages and that it would be very difficult to help him to heal if that spirit were not removed. I am sorry to report that most of the parents did not feel inclined to ask more questions nor do what was necessary to release their child from the grip of the spirit world.