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Haunted House Hunters

Some people like living in the past ? others, like to live with it.

By Geoff Williams | Published: 8/10/2010

Ghosts moving in could become the norm

If Frances Fox, a psychic investigator in Miami, Florida, is correct, many more families across America are going to have experiences similar to Porembo’s.
Fox is concerned because the nation is becoming overrun with foreclosed homes, and buildings, she says, have their own energy. “The problem with the foreclosed home is that it contains all the elements of a potential haunting,” says Fox.
There is the trauma the house experiences when a stressed, agonized family is worried about being kicked out of their home, explains Fox, and when the residents do leave, “the structure of the home breaks, and it’s no longer protected against invading forces… Garbage from other dimensions is allowed to come in, and the place is now empty, and during that time, that brings in another set of characteristics ripe for a haunting – dark spaces, lack of movement, lack of light, lack of good smells, emptiness.”
And then she adds, perhaps not meaning to scare anyone who is afraid of the dark: “That’s why, when children say there are spirits in the closet that come out of the room at night – they’re right.”
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