2012 and Contact with Nature

Dolphins Talk to Frances About The Ending of this Cycle and Nature

You think that contact with nature is good. Yet you still do not know the extent to which contact is necessary in these coming years. This planetary cycle will end badly if Earth people do not honor and take in what God put here to help them evolve. That the elements are what shamans first pay attention to should indicate to you and others the importance of nature.
Nature and contact with nature is important because the elements determine the health or lack of health of the human mind. And the health or lack of health of the human mind is the determining factor in free will.
Do you see what we mean now?
Frances: Yes I do but people won’t listen?

We had a hard time getting you to listen.

All is tied into the balancing of the four elements. When you die you die by detaching the physical, the earth element. The process of evolution is a movement into a different percentage of elements so you can cross over that line into that other dimension you are calling the Golden Age. The process is difficult, as you know. Having elements, such as magnets, does stabilize the physical and does not stop the evolutionary process.