2012, "End Times" and Sinkholes

Sinkholes are part of the process of the breaking down of the other dimensions of the Planet

The sinkhole in Guatemala, a natural portal to the underworld

Unseen factors…
July 3, 2010
It is time to pay the piper…you know what that means. It means a debt is coming due. The earth’s crust has been pierced so many times yet it managed to keep its integrity as a barrier between dimensions and between worlds.  Now it has passed a threshold where it can no longer continue to function as a guardian of the people above and below ground.

Sinkholes and suicides

The sinkhole is a natural portal to the underworld. The people who live near it will find that their lives will deteriorate in quality rather dramatically. There will be new disease spreading from there and suicides will augment till the authorities will associate the sinkhole with an augmentation of the desire to die.
The assumption will be that people will become suicidal out of fear of the sinkhole but it is more than that. The types of spirits that have been denied entry into the dimension people live in, now have access to it. Those spirits were kept away from people for a reason. Those spirits are the type that eat away at a humans free will by augmenting the fear.

The symmetry of the sinkhole is not a coincidence

The symmetry of the sinkhole is ample evidence that it is a planned shape, not an accidental falling away of the earth. In actuality, the dimensions of the sinkhole are very precise. As when the cathedrals were constructed in the Middle to precise measurement, so the sinkhole has precise measurements to achieve a particular goal.  It is not time for humans to know what that goal is. For more on end times, 2012 and chaos [product id=”25″]