A new type of autism

Years ago I spent a lot time working with autistic children. I noticed that the left side of the head of one of these children was damaged, like it had been “punched” in, like a ball with a dent. I took the time to sketch the etheric heads of all the autistic children I took care of. They all had damage to the left side of their etheric head. I am not a medical doctor, but I am sure they have a laundry list of what would be wrong with a person whose left side of the head was severely damaged. Which should mean that autism has all those afflictions.

Left Side of Their Heads Damaged in Other Dimensions

The damage was not due to a blow so what was it due to?  This damage to the left side of the head is a clue to their issues and it is time to do the research. I am sure science has the technology to at least document the “dent”.

The first 10 years I worked with autistic kids, I was able to diagnose the original injuries in almost all of them. The big issue was not what had caused the autism, but the acceptance of their parents and family of what the original issue was.

Listen carefully, but more important, widen your lens now, to be able to “listen” to what I found. The original injury of the autism of most of the autistic children I took are of in the 1990’s was a past life injury that included an incredible trauma with a lack of compassion for what was happening to the person (who is reborn autistic) by the other people involved in the trauma. And then the traumatized person dies, not given the chance to come out of his state of shock, horror and mental shut down. It appears that lack of compassion, injustice really does affect humans and their minds.

Don’t shut down, widen your lens, on the off chance I may be right

Are you still with me? Remember, I am a psychic researcher. My dedication is to truth, not pleasing people or saying what society believes in. It is my intention to find, through my psychic abilities, what the original injury is of whatever issue I am asked to tackle. For me to ignore the original injury of anything I address, means that I am going to struggle, because I am not in the right place to find the solution, be it a corporate issue or a medical issue.

When I do corporate work, I advise those who hire me that I may not be working within the paradigm of their beliefs. If I am to give them the effectiveness that they are paying for, I need to be able to work efficiently, which translates into going wherever the psychic information leads me, often into other dimensions. Remember, our emotions, thoughts, intentions, memories and more are held in other dimensions. Our current paradigm is limited in its beliefs…That is why science is still struggling with important aspects of our life. That is why the New  Medical Model can be more efficient because it incorporates the structures that contain and move our emotions, thoughts, intentions and more.

In the case of autism, the psychic trail led me to past life injuries, which basically meant I was “dead in the water” in terms of the parents following my suggestions and forget about publishing! Unfortunately, the forces of establishment would not have allowed for anything but ridicule. I wonder about the lack of independent thought and human instincts…where are they?

The parents were not supportive either. It is sad, but the children I had success with, whose parents followed my recommendations, did not inform their families or the medical doctor that took care of their child of why the child had improved so dramatically.

In the past, a  different type of autism

The point I wish to make here is that in the 1990”s the autism I took care of had its distinctive issues that resulted in a breakdown of the assemblage of the child. The  “healing” work including spirit release therapy to get rid of invading spirits and a lot of emotional cleanup therapy plus protection from emotional turmoil and excessive visual or auditory stimulation. The part of the therapy that had the most immediate impact and visible effect was the spirit release therapy which is done by trained therapist, who do believe what Christ taught us, “to cast out spirits”, which is that when someone is sick, it is real efficient to first release the spirits that attached and then proceed with the healings.

A New Autism Today

Why talk about this now? Because the autism I am “seeing” today is different. I am not contending the old autism is gone and cured. I am sure it is not. But there is a new original injury for a lot of the kids with autism today. And there we run into the issue of an accurate diagnosis of the original injury of autism. If there are more autistic kids today than before, something has changed.

My conclusion, based on my ability to “see” what is normally not seen, is that children’s natural protection against invading forces, such as EMf’s (electromagnetic frequencies), spirits, other people’s thoughts, other people’s emotions especially fear, etc.  is overwhelming our children, causing them to shut down their minds.

Autism is a shut down of part of the mind in order to block receiving more information, such as people talking, emotions generated by a caretaker or parent, wandering spirits, cell phone frequencies, wireless microwave frequencies, etc. Autism is a type of shock state. When you are involved in an accident or witness something horrifying, your mind protects you by shutting down so that you cannot continue to be harmed by sensory input. At that point you cannot relate well to the outside environment. Little by little you come out of the state of shock, once again receiving information via your senses. If you die before coming out of the shock, you are not reborn autistic.

It is only if you die immediately after being involved in a situation with a heavy duty lack of compassion towards another human being, which causes your mind to shut down in a way that is highly unusual, then that state of mind which continues after death, is reborn with you and is classified as autism.

Ok, you are lost. So am,  as it hard to reveal to you what I know, all the time I am scrambling trying to stay away from information that may cause you to shut down!

So I guess I have to reveal more, even if it is premature. The original configuration of the human mind is centered around the heart chakra. The mental structure that is the structure that conducts the part of you that is mental, was constructed around the heart chakra in the middle of your chest.

If you witness, or are subjected to a trauma that involves other people doing something horrifying to you or someone else, this horrifying thing being done with a lack of compassion, something really, really mean, then your mental structure, your mind shuts down and actually overlaps, as when you cross your arms to protect your chest.

The Two Issues Which Are New in autism

So why are more kids shutting down so early on? We know even without asking, that their parents are not abusing them any more than other generations of parents?

These new type of autistic kids are shutting down their minds

5 bodies.ai

  1. Because their  natural protection that  humans have in their assemblage, their etheric energy  body (the blue grid body above) , is severely damaged and cannot provide the protection it normally would
  2. The same electromagnetic frequencies that “broke” this natural immunity to floating garbage in the other dimensions now can deeply invade the child’s emotional energy body, their astral body (the gold body in the graphic above)  and their mindstrings  and their causal  body (the gold funnel that overlays the spine), all of which were designed with natural protections built in.  Those protections are now getting “burned” off and literally “attacked” by invading frequencies.

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