Atlantis, Here We Come…Again?And the Masters became Dolphins…Atlantis, Here We Come?

Atlantis Here We Come, Again?

….and the Masters became Dolphins…

We are getting closer to the ending, the ending of the world as we knew it. The violence erupting, the animals dying, and the greed revealed. Hierarchy is battling to maintain its position of dominance while the common man is fueled by Aquarian energy to demand more honesty and equality.

Yet you have no clue as to what to do when the unfolding of the end is being revealed. You continue with business as usual. It reminds me of the ending of Atlantis, where people intellectually “knew” that life as they knew it, was going to change dramatically, yet they did nothing.

In 1999, Margaret Fry came to visit and we went to Bimini where supposedly some great stones found underwater were Atlantis being revealed. We swam there and it was good but nowhere as revealing as what we found when Margaret did therapy on the clients who wanted to know about their past lives via past life regression.

Past life in Atlantis

Margaret petitioned the clients to allow her to regress them to their last lifetime in Atlantis, minutes before the tsunami (the Great Flood?), the explosions and the collapse of that society and civilization.  We had determined to tape all the regressions so as to collect more info on the ending of Atlantis, yet not a single tape recorder was able to record that part of the client’s session. All the other lifetimes were recorded but not that one…hummmmm….

But I remember what was revealed during the sessions. The people in Atlantis “knew” that they were going to be devastated, that their lives would never be the same due to some type of “ending”. Yet they walked around calmly, continuing their lives with no adjustment to the reality that they “knew” was coming at them.

How can that be? An entire continent and civilization was wiped out by natural catastrophes, they knew in advance and yet they made no mental or spiritual adjustments at the end? They just waited for it to happen?

The animals die mysteriously and ….

What does that remind you of? Who does that remind you of? Yes, we are in the same position, and we do nothing, nothing. The animals die in mysterious ways and we do nothing but wait for authorities to come up with some inane explanation that we know in our hearts is not the truth. Yet we do nothing…

Creating a different reality

Are you using your mind and soul to create a different ending? Have you truly integrated the concept that you create your reality? If you believe that, then I hope you are working hard to recreate the future too many prophets have seen for us. They allowed us to glimpse the future so that we could work diligently to change our path  so we don’t end the same way Atlantis did.

We recommend you work feverishly to get a grip on your reality and determine what you want your future to be. We offer this program to help creating the reality you intend, not what was prophesied.

Note: It has been said that many Atlanteans went into the waters at the end  and became Dolphins. That same concept is part of martial arts lore, that the grand masters of martial arts turn into Dolphins when they die. The Greeks considered that Dolphins were Gods….not such a bad ending…