Spiritual Abuse: Blowing open your children’s mind

Electrohaunting due to electroaddiction

Spiritual abuse now has a new face.

The frequency of microwave from cell phones, cell phone towers, wireless routers, WiFi and everything wireless, break the matrix, a life web that surrounds and protects us. When the matrix breaks, portals open to other dimensions, allowing energies and spirits to invade our spaces.

Open portals in other dimensions

Our children are being exposed to open portals in other dimensions because of society’s addiction to the radiation of electronic devices.  Everyone has routers in their homes and in their offices and soon, I am sure technology will provide us with routers in our cars. But the portal issue is not limited to routers, as sonograms apparently also destroy the matrix. All of these conveniences break the matrix of our spaces, opening holes into other dimensions, allowing spirits and other energetic garbage access to the minds of our children.

Did you ever wonder why your child watches violent movies over and over without getting upset? Have you also asked yourself why your child has become so desensitized? Is there a real question mark as to what is going on with our children? Not if you can see into other dimensions.

Do you feel powerless to make changes to protect your child?

You may feel powerless. You are not! Start turning off your router at night, forward your cell phone to your “wired” telephone when you get home from work, turn off that microwave radiating child monitor, throw away the cordless phones next to your bed,throw out the microwave oven, etc. You are not powerless; but you may be desensitized because of electrofog!

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