Brahmahvara Yoga: Mantra and mudra to Protect Yourself

The Brahmahvara Mental Yoga

This mental yoga is part of the KUNDALINI UP! mental yoga which we strongly recommend you do daily at your desk or at home

This mini mental exercise  includes a visualization, a  mantra and a mudra to close a portal to the lower worlds talked about in Hinduism and Buddhism. If you include this practice in your daily routine you can be protected  from invasion from  what the Mayans called  Xbalba, the dark road. That dark road is also called  the rift.

Brahmahvara Mental Yoga instructions

We have at the bottom of our subtle energy system, called our chakra system, a portal which may well be Xbalba, the dark road… In HInduism it is called the Brahmahvara, a portal to the underworld. Believe it or not, this exercise can ensure that doorway is closed, preventing you from traveling down a “dark road” in your life. The Brahmahvara Mental Yoga also helps with ancestral curses.

Body position: Ideally it is recommended you sit  on the floor  with legs crossed but

  • You can do this exercise seated at your desk, while sitting in your car at a stop sign or anywhere you can.
  • Doing the exercise while seated on grass, next to a tree, on the beach or in the water helps to reinforce the exercise
  •   KUNDALINI UP! Mental Yoga Exercise to Align Chakras

Mudra:  position   both   hands  as  indicated in the photo

Frequency: Depending on how chaotic your life, your job or your finances are, you should do this exercise from one to many times a day. The level of chaos in your world, regardless of whether the chaos

is internal or external, should dictate how often you need to shut the door to what many consider a source of chaos: the underworld

Begin: Mentally start with chakra one.  Chakra one is called the root chakra and it is  the center point  in between your genitals and your anus.  Visualize   a   doorway   (the Brahmahvara) 2

inches below the root chakra. Visualize yourself shutting that door  as you silently chant this mantra:

I am powerful and can block the entrance to my being simply by wanting it, visualizing it and feeling it.

You need to do this visualization for 2 minutes, no more and no less. Each time that you do it you reinforces what you did previously. Unfortunately, the Brahmahvara is blown open  when humans have excess fear which means you will need to do the exercise more often when the fear level rises in your life. If there are world events which frighten you, then  do the exercise more frequently.
Surrogate: You can do the Brahmahvara Mental Yoga for someone else. Simply put their name in the mantra like this:

I am powerful and can block the entrance to (….my son’s, my daughter, my husband, etc …) being simply by wanting it, visualizing it and feeling it.

You may find yourself feeling emotionally more stable as you ensure you are not susceptible to the energies of the underworld. You be the judge. And if you do it surrogate, you may be able to see the difference in mood and behavior. Children also have portals to the underworld and ensuring their Brahmahvara is closed can make a huge difference in their behavior and personality development.